In fact, the current version of Google’s search engine assumes that the first results shown are the best. But the reality is, the best-ranking pages show up first. As a result, useful and good quality content that is not very well optimized for natural referencing is not well positioned. Things change with the arrival of MUM. Google further encourages users to view other results by promoting images and user satisfaction. The visually searchable  Costa Rica Email List  search results promised by MUM lead users to browse multiple websites to find the information they are looking for. But nothing is certain. The consequences of this update of Google’s algorithm on natural referencing SEO are still unclear. In fact, only Google’s algorithm knows exactly how it ranks a web page in a SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ) .

It is therefore difficult to predict exactly the impact of his successor. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. Indeed, Google’s ambition is to respond to different queries like an expert would . It is therefore clear that MUM will attach great importance to the quality and relevance of the content to display its results. This leaves some clues on the essential points to work on in order to obtain a better ranking or at least not to lose your current position in the results pages. While keeping in mind that user satisfaction is Google’s top priority, you can: 1 | Publish quality content will certainly be ranked the best by Google, because it is considered as expert answer. So be sure to offer content that responds as precisely as possible to the search intent of Internet users .

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Create an exhaustive semantic field

Also take care of the readability of your content and avoid mistakes. 2 | In addition to offering quality content, you can enrich it by creating a semantic field around the keywords on which you are positioned . You will be able to provide more complete answers to perfectly meet the needs of your readers. 3 | Optimize your images, videos and podcasts Google MUM will certainly favor visual content. These attract much more attention and bring a better understanding to the reader. In addition, this algorithm will understand the information contained in your videos and podcasts and use them to provide answers to Internet users.

Include images, videos and audio in your content Optimize the size of your multimedia content to improve the loading speed of your web pages Add a transcript to your videos Fill in the Alt tags Google MUM: ALT tag 4 | Optimize your site for voice search Over a billion voice searches are done each month, something Google intends to encourage with MUM. We should therefore expect more precise and more complete so-called “ long tail ” requests . For example, for the same research intention aiming to find the best web agency in the city of Paris, we will have: For a written Google search: best web agency Paris For voice search: What is the best web agency in Paris? 5 | Think UX design Take care of the display of your site and the presentation of your content to provide comfort to your visitors.

How to prepare for the arrival of Google MUM?

Also consider offering them an optimal user experience by making navigation on your site fluid. For now, MUM is still in the testing phase to ensure that the research is working as efficiently as possible. The date of its release is not yet clearly defined. It is therefore time to review your natural SEO strategy, optimize your website and think about how to satisfy your audience even more. To conclude on Semrush If you have stayed with us this far, then you already know what Semrush is and what it can do for you. But nothing beats personal experience. Take advantage of the expertise of our “partner Semrush” agency to test the software’s functionalities. Your SEO and digital marketing will thank you.

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