In this article, you’ll find tips for writing the right editorial headline in your H1 tag.  An ” editorial title “, also called ” H1 tag ” is a title visible on each of your pages, unlike the Title tag which is only visible in search results. The text content Guam Email Lists of the editorial title of your page or article may be different from the content of the title tag, it is even advisable to distinguish them. editorial title tag h1 Editorial title = H1 tag  Imagine that: H1 is a very strong sound, H2 a sound a little less strong than H1 , H3 a sound a little less loud than H2 and so on.

Now put yourself in the shoes of a blind robot like Google. When the Google robot visits your site, the H1 tag is used to shout very loudly “what I put in the H1 tag is VERY IMPORTANT for the reader of my page” (for referencing too) , “What I put in the H2 tag is very important, but a little less than what I put in ” H1 ” and so on for the other Hn tags. H1 is more important than H2 which is more important than H3 which is more important than H4 which is … These tags are therefore used to prioritize the messages that are delivered to search engine robots and make them easier to read.

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What is an H1 tagged editorial title?

We will logically find in these tags the most important keywords of the page. Keywords placed in these tags have more “weight” than the same keywords placed in a paragraph. So why not put everything in the H1 tag? Because when we shout we no longer hear each other! The important message that we want to deliver is drowned in the mass. Robots no longer know how to distinguish what is important and what is not. And the SEO will not be optimized on the targeted keyword. This notion of hierarchy is very important, we can focus on ways to optimize this H1 tag. How to write a good editorial title? An effective and impactful editorial title should be: seller to make you want to read the web page.

optimized for natural referencing (SEO) . The editorial title (H1 tag) must therefore be the subject of great care, here are some tips to meet these two objectives. You will be able to dig into all the advice that will follow by referring to the document bringing together Google’s instructions offered to webmasters. On each page of your site, there must be ONE H1 tag , not two. Ideally with keywords synonymous with those used in the “title” tag to increase the chances of being seen on the targeted keywords. If your goal is to highlight a word, an expression, a phase in the body of the text, you should not use an H tag which automatically modifies the font size, but modify the sizes, colors, etc.

H1, H2, H3,… the importance of these tags and why choose H1 for your editorial title?

via CSS. Warning: you must not “dilute” the weight of the words contained in the Hn tags by multiplying these same tags. To improve your SEO it is advisable to have URLs clear and meaningful, the URL of the page can be identical to the H1 tag on the same page. To attract the attention of the customer in a traditional business, you need on a poster: a precise title, short, direct, clear and enticing. It’s the same on the web! The message delivered should be short but precise. Put yourself in the shoes of a passer-by in a hurry to find the title that will stop you in your path. Remember that: A maximum of ten words is enough, we can sometimes even advise you only half a dozen.

Too many words in an H1 tag leads Google to think that you are a ” spammer ” (penalizing technique for good SEO). You can remove all the non-significant “the, the, the ..” for a good SEO, the title must remain understandable. You can change the look of the text, colors and font size to make it more eye-catching. But without doing too much to keep it readable and pleasant for your reader to read. These changes will have no impact on the visibility of SEO robots and what will appear in the Google search results page because the robots are blind (but not deaf; -)). The editorial title is an important part of a web page, both for the reader and for Google robots. Relevant and consistent with the content offered on your page, the editorial title should also be.

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