Smart Bar Improvements to Smart Bar to prevent it from overlaying over existing navigation in certain scenarios. Fixed Safari-specific styling issue List Builder Updated z-indices for listbuilder dialog and date picker.  Server was not expecting empty display rules if a user deleted all of them. Refactor List Builder Prevented Animations table from being queried way more often than it needed to be.

Ebay to Build Your Mailing List

SEPTEMBER 4 – SEPTEMBER 9, 2018 Features Sumo Added the ability to deep link from registration directly into a specific shortcut. Added Canada Phone Number button Shortcuts Sorts. Your Shortcuts” by last edited date Created new display rule to improve cross-shortcut compatibility. Autoresponse Added endpoint for previewing Autoresponse emails giving us the ability to provide thumbnails for emails

Canada Phone Number List

Fixes List Builder Updated discount campaign validation to deal with timing issues. Improved performance by adding caching. Shortcuts Clicking “Edit” in the overflow menu in shortcuts should now launch List Builder into the editor properly. Sumo Fixed an issue where changing the site ID for platform users could result in the user being unable to log in. AUGUST 27, 2018 – SEPTEMBER 3, 2018 Features Forgot Password Added IP and GeoIP info to forgot password

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