Marie Chassot, director of Baume said about the project: “The results of these technological innovations are spectacular: 3D rendering almost identical to the physical watch; perfect fluidity for increased user-friendliness of the configurator and an RA bracelet that allows customers to try on their watch without physically handling it. Hapticmedia  Peru Phone Number List understood our needs, both in terms of design and customer experience and imagined very inventive ways to develop them! ” Contact us Contact Hapticmedia now to learn about our case studies and the benefits our clients have received.

If you follow our blog, you are certainly curious about 3D visualization, an area that we at Hapticmedia are passionate about. 3D visualization combines computer-generated imagery, 3D modeling, rendering, and graphics to create three-dimensional imagery so resembling that it is almost indistinguishable from a photo or video of the actual subject . Kenzo uses 3D visualization and configuration technology to better present its products and offer online personalization to its customers. Solution created by Hapticmedia . A successful 3D visualization offers an accurate, detailed and interactive presentation of the products because it carefully integrates all the elements necessary to generate an immersive experience: lighting effects, angles, textures, color nuances, etc.

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Even When The Customized Product Is Presented

Thus, a high-end and well-executed 3D model can be examined from all angles and in 360 ° panning. The 3D software is used in the media and advertising, design and architecture, electronic commerce, gaming and animation and 3D printing . With such an extensive portfolio, the global 3D visualization and rendering software market was valued at $ 747 million in 2016 and is expected to reach $ 2,904 million by 2023 . A growing number of companies are investing in 3D visualization technology to provide a better digital shopping experience for their customers and to compensate for the lack of “touch and feel” , a major drawback of e-commerce that hinders many consumers in their online purchases. line.

3D visualization for marketing According to scientists, the human brain processes visuals about 60,000 times faster than texts and, in fact, 80% of all information processed by our brain is visual. This principle was illustrated by Ruth Colvin Clark and Richard E. Mayer in their e-Learning and the Science of Instruction book , where they demonstrated that when text instructions are accompanied by graphics , student performance on tests increases by 89%. . Marketers, who know the importance of visuals in attracting, engaging, persuading and, of course, converting the target, will immediately grasp the relevance of 3D visualization in their marketing strategy.

Don’t Abuse Variability Because It Can Happen That Customers Do Not Know What Is Really Suitable For Them,

Here’s why and how: Provide a lighter, faster and safer interactive presentation of products. Interactive and immersed presentation in 3D 3D visualization makes it possible to understand the product through interaction . This technology now solves all the problems and limitations. Customers view in real time as the site owner receives analysis of their behavior . There is also no need for third-party plugins to activate this service. A simplified 3D visualization demonstration provided by luxury brand Lolo Chatenay and tech startup Hapticmedia . Ready to use 3D visualization like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to get higher conversion rates? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote! This high-end brand wanted to offer its customers an attractive user experience: to allow handbag aficionadas to co-create the accessory that corresponds to the uniqueness of their lifestyle.

To achieve this goal, Lolo Chatenay cooperated with Hapticmedia and launched a 3D bag configurator with 3D visualization. With this advanced tool, bag lovers can now begin their digital shopping journey by choosing their preferred size and style, then focus on colors, fabrics and decorative elements. With each change, the price adjusts , allowing users to see how each choice affects the overall quote and to decide accordingly. During this process, with 3D technology, customers can also interact with the item, examine the product in 360 ° pan, rotate and zoom in, zoom out on every detail .

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