Indeed, the fact that the API is public is a flaw that makes it open to criticism and therefore, it is necessary to give a unique code to each person to limit access. Use of up-to-date technology The developer profession is constantly evolving, he will have to develop his knowledge against security incidents. Indeed, the objective of it is to be in conformity with the current tools and the most effective methods against the most common attacks. GDPR The scope of the GDPR is substantial . It allows, among other things, to obtain transparency on what companies do with your data. First of all, you have the right to object to the collection of data, which is very important in terms of confidentiality. In addition, you have the right to be forgotten and to have your data deleted.

As well as a right to review automated decisions as well as the right to data portability. How can you act in addition to our action? Despite Benin Phone Numbers List the proliferation of tools aimed at improving user security, there is an upsurge in password hacking. What are the best practices for creating a password with high added value? digital agency mobile development ios android High level authentication In order to achieve a high level of authentication, you will need to follow certain guidelines. First of all, be careful not to give your password any special meaning. Then try to vary the characters : lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, special characters.

Benin Phone Numbers List

M Commerce Sales Will Represent 54% Of Global E-commerce.

Finally, to confirm the security of your password, we recommend that you test it with Kaspersky . Internal rights management The management of rights internally is a fundamental aspect of security. Why will you tell me? It is simple, it will be necessary to exercise a regular and demanding control vis-a-vis the different types of user. Indeed, it is absolutely necessary to properly manage roles, particularly in the human resources process (transfer, dismissal, etc.). To avoid unwanted intrusions, it will therefore be compulsory to verify the current users and the rights given to them. Password management It can be said that this is a common task for everyone. However, the implementation methods are not always the best. So what’s the best way to remember your passwords?

Write it down on a notebook or a piece of paper? Too rudimentary and not secure enough. Create a Word or Notepad document? Possibility of file theft + intrusion. While these solutions are commonly used, there is another device you can lean on. You probably guessed it, we recommend using password managers . This last part closes our article on the security of your mobile applications . Did you like our article? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. You’ve probably already bought a train ticket, clothes or even a movie theater ticket on your phone.

Allows Users To Order Their Treats Directly From Their Smartphones And Have Them Delivered To Their Homes

Well, in this way, you are contributing to m commerce! Summary What is M commerce? So where does this change of interface come from? The increase in smartphone sales: Mobile applications: Our company develops applications adapted to m commerce Deedoo Mister Carpentry Your project, Our expertise! What is M commerce? hand holds smartphone The m commerce, or mobile commerce, represents all the commercial transactions made on the smartphone or any other wireless device (tablet). We could define it today as the next generation of e-commerce because this method is used more and more by Internet users. According to FEVAD, in 2017, ¼ of French Internet users buy through a smartphone and m commerce would have increased by 38% in 2017 while e-commerce would have increased by only 17%.

Indeed, mobile today plays a key role in the purchasing process. Used to search for a product, compare prices or check availability in stores, the smartphone has also played a very important role in the purchase of products or services for several years. When you hear about m commerce, it means both purchases and payments made through your mobile (all generally via a mobile application). French Internet purchasing behavior So where does this change of interface come from? Why has m commerce become so prevalent? The increase in smartphone sales: Initially, the number of French people with a smartphone increased from 17% to 65% in just three years. Between 2013 and 2016, there was a sharp increase in the sale of smartphones: from 1 billion sales in 2013 to 1.473 billion smartphones sold in 2016.

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