The median loading time of the pages of GESTE Observatory member sites in France is 6.0 seconds, measured on the main French internet service providers. 30.2 seconds separate the best served users from the least served users. Report-GESTE-CEDEXIS-March 2015GESTE CEDEXIS report March 2015 What Google says about load Marshall Islands Email List time Monitor your site’s performance and optimize load times. We strive to offer Internet users the most relevant search results and optimal browsing comfort. Fast sites help improve Internet user satisfaction and the overall quality of the Web (in particular for Internet users with low-speed Internet connections) .

So, by improving their sites, we hope that webmasters will participate in the overall acceleration of web browsing. Source: Google webmaster guidelines If the loading speed of your web pages interests Google so much, it’s because of impatient visitors 🙂 To test the loading times (Tdc) of your pages you are spoiled for choice, Google recommends the free tools PageSpeed, YSlow and WebPagetest. Other tools such as WooRank, DareBoost, SeeUrank, Pingdom and GTmetrix offer to test their basic services for free (clearly sufficient for a first approach). They test the performance of your web pages from servers located around the world (very interesting function for sites targeting several countries and to test the effectiveness of CDNs). They also offer the possibility of comparing you with your competitors (benchmarking) .

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Observation: page load times in France

In their paid versions, you have access to automated features. One example among others: monitoring with the daily sending of an email. You follow the performance evolution of a series of URLs and set alerts on others. The results are reliable and are often based on PageSpeed ​​and YSlow. You can also monitor the average page load time of a page with Google Analytics . Example of 7-day monitoring with PingDom monitoring-7-days-site-anthedesign-pingdom7-day monitoring of the loading time of the anthedesign fr site | Pingdom The test tools recommended by Google Focus on the three completely free solutions recommended by Google.

They do the job and are more than enough to test your pages and start optimizing them. The WooRanck, DareBoost, Pingdom, SeeUrank and GtMétrix tools will be the subject of a future article. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights PageSpeed ​​Tools analyzes the content of a web page and then generates suggestions for increasing page speed. It shows performance as a percentage on both Desktop and Mobile. It is a Google tool accessible from Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools ) . Some points analyzed by PageSpeed JavaScript and CSS codes that block the display of content above the waterline, browser caching, the weight of the images , the size of the HTML resources, the server response time, priority display of visible content, compressing resources (html, js, css), redirects to get to the landing page.

Tools to test the loading time of a web page

Screen Capture PageSpeed ​​Insights developers speed pagespeed insightsScreen Capture PageSpeed ​​Insights developers speed pagespeed insights For example, PageSpeed ​​Insights offers you to optimize the weight of your images by directly indicating the url of the images in question and the potential gain. sreenshot-speed-pagespeed-insights-advice-optimization-imagesPageSpeed, image optimization YSlow – Official Open Source Project Website YSlow analyzes the loading times of your web pages and highlights the points to be corrected to improve their performance. YSlow is based on a set of rules from Yahoo and comes as a plug-in for the Firefox browser (you can pair Firebug with YSlow) .

WebPagetest, interesting and free features WebPagetest offers the same services as the Google and Yahoo tools with the added bonus of measuring the time required for the first loading and then for refreshing the page. It therefore highlights cache management problems. WebPagetest also allows you to view the loading of its pages and download the video. You can also test the loading times from servers located around the world and configure the end user bandwidth (fiber, adsl, 3G, 4G and 56k for the less fortunate) . WebPagetest also shows you the loading times of each resource on your web page, this allows you to identify at a glance the optimizations to be carried out.

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