The biggest upside I see right now in any asset class is buying and selling profitable niche websites. A niche site is usually based on hosted wordpress which is monetized through ads and affiliate marketing. In this article, I explained how you can snowball $100,000 to $1 million in. 3 years by flipping websites. The 40% rulea few weeks ago. The tropical mba podcast on jase rodley’s “40% rule” explained how .You can generate 10 times greater returns by investing in .Websites than by investing your capital in index funds where you withdraw 4% per year. If you buy a website with a monthly profit multiple of 30x. Your investment will be paid back in 2.5 years.

which is equivalent to a return of 40% per year. Therefore

If you have the skills to operate and maintain a website (just maintain rather than grow).You can effectively retire with 1/10 of the capital amount .$1mm will generate $40k per year. From index funds or $400k per year by being invested in Latest Mailing Database websites. So how can we achieve that $1 million capital goal from just $100,000.We snowball buying and selling (flipping) websites. The snowball. Sam and johnny on a recent episode of investing like a boss discussed at the end of warren buffet’s .Snowball biography how money is made up over time and the fact that at an 8% interest rate .

Indeed at it will take 30 years to transform

$100k into $1m.In the website flipping approach I describe below. You can compound the cash flow and asset price combined to go from $100,000 to $1,000,000 in 3 years. Which is 120% : the website flip model this strategy assumes that you already have $100,000 to .Invest or that you have created a niche website from .Scratch worth $100,000. It assumes that you have a skill set .You can deploy that will on average double a site’s income and asset value over the long term . In the same way that a profitable poker player has a value win rate. Expected positive when you remove short-term variance.


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