Are you aware of how much time your employees waste trying to track down assets? It’s estimated that employees can spend 20% of their workweek trying to track down internal information. Wondering how to improve this time spent on tracking information? Let’s deep dive into the best digital asset management software for agencies! If you don’t have a centralized place for your digital assets, your employees waste time and money digging through old hard drives and servers. Those assets should be easily searchable and accessible, and with the right digital asset management software, they can be. This article will discuss the best DAM (Digital Asset Management) software options for your business and delve into how it can help you and your business.

How to Choose the Best Digital Asset Management Software

Many different companies are offering digital asset management software. To determine the best for you and your business, you must first assess your needs. Do you need something affordable? AI-powered? Where all of your assets are located? Are they siloed in different departments or across a million hard drives? DAM software will Iceland Phone Number create a centralized digital asset library that is accessible, secure, and searchable. Do you work with multiple file formats? With DAM software, you can upload pretty much any file type and track down old assets with ease. Once you determine your business’s unique needs and how a DAM can improve productivity, you can select the DAM software that’s right for you.

Why Does Your Agency Need Digital Asset Management Software

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As a digital agency, you have a ton of assets you need to manage and maintain. If clients are coming back for revision after revision, you need your team to know precisely which version they should be working on. Losing important files and assets can also be detrimental to your business, costing time, money, and energy to recreate them. You also need your employees to find what they need quickly and share it between departments without fuss. DAM software can help you with this. Each DAM software has its spin on the features available, but most cover these essential ones:

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