It doesn’t say that a no follow link is 100% useless as part of an SEO strategy – although it could only convey authority at best. You should also know that any link brings traffic. Since the Internet user does not distinguish between do follow and no follow, this attribute has no impact on their decision to click. A no follow link may have little (or no) SEO effect, but it continues to contribute traffic volume. In addition, some no follow links are always appreciated. For the netlinking of a site to be considered natural by Google, it needs to receive both types of links! The engine might find it odd that a site only benefits from do follow links among thousands of backlinks …

How to place a no follow link in a web page? It suffices to integrate a “rel = no follow” attribute in the source code of the link, for example: You Uganda Email Lists now know how to place a no follow link on a page – and what its uses are!Some tips for SEO If your site is not mobile compatible , we recommend that you make it responsive rather than creating a mobile version. Indeed, a 100% mobile site does not display as much content and has fewer links than a responsive website. These points are very important for SEO. In the event that your site is too dated, it is best to consider a redesign of your website .

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what you do with them once they arrive on your pages.

This will allow you to create a website with a Mobile First Webdesign and to provide additional content accessible on both versions. Be careful not to abuse the amount of hidden content on the mobile version. You may need to consider going through a CDN infrastructure to improve the performance of your site. Another criterion will be decisive for optimizing your positioning in the mobile first index: the loading time. Even if no Google announcement has been made on the subject, optimizing load times will be essential. To conclude, With the postponement of the deployment of the mobile first index, this gives you a reprieve of a few months.

The changes will therefore be for 2018 while knowing that mobile research is still progressing. Do not wait until the last moment to adapt your site, your visitors will thank you. Do not hesitate to contact us to check the “Mobile First” compliance of your website. Update of 11/14/2017 : the deployment of the mobile first index is already in the test phase on certain sites, it should accelerate in the coming months. Now is the time to get ready!Indeed, it is possible to download elements simultaneously on different servers , which is less obvious if all your resources are in the same place. You risk being limited by the bandwidth of your server. Note that having a CDN also increases your bandwidth.

Using mobile as a source of traffic saves money on all fronts.

When a visitor sends a request to view your web page, the CDN allows you to download the resources that are cached, it downloads at the same time the elements that are not stored (according to your configuration) via the origin server , all simultaneously. However, if you do not use a CDN, the visitor (via his browser) will have to download the resources one by one (or two by two, three by three, depending on the capacities of your server). It necessarily takes longer. To use an analogy, it’s as if without CDN you only have one cash register in your store, and with CDN you have two. Queues will be shorter and the average waiting time per customer will be lower.

It is for all these reasons that high traffic sites use several CDNs, even using one CDN per type of resource (all style sheets on CDN A, scripts on B, images on C, etc…). Thanks to this principle, the visitor will be able to download all these resources simultaneously thanks to the bandwidth available on each server (the origin server and the CDNs) . Optimize your site above all If you want to get an excellent load time , you will have to optimize your architecture, the CDN will not be able to do everything for you . For example, a common mistake is to concatenate the same types of resources into one large file. At first glance, it is logical to think that this will improve the loading time by reducing requests sent to the serv

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