Must be present in all hot zones ( title , H1, H2, …) Zero position business card query Other criteria favor a ranking in position zero, but we must not lose sight of the fact that before benefiting from it, we must first stand out in the first natural results. It’s not too late to adapt your SEO strategy . But don’t delay too long, position zero Yemen Email List is already generating a lot of interest in the world of SEO and SXO .The content of your website and its ergonomics must retain the Internet user. The search for relevant keywords to target must be segmented according to the intentions of the users, you will then have to offer suitable content.

If you are just starting out, the first SXO actions to take are as follows: Study the user’s intention and its issues, Be present at the various stages of the Internet user’s search with the right content, Produce only content corresponding to user expectations, uses and issues. The objective with the SXO is to provide solutions by producing and positioning content to meet all the needs of Internet users. Do not hesitate to use Google Analytics to analyze the behavior of your visitors. Good to know: the SXO is valid for both natural referencing and paid referencing . Conclusion Gone are the days of just stuffing web pages with keywords and getting backlinks .

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To conclude Multiply the sources of traffic for your website

Today, one of the keys to success for a website is to understand the user in order to improve their experience. Adopting an SXO strategy is a good approach to satisfy Google and increase your visibility. Is SXO intended to replace SEO in web visibility strategies? SEO or SXO? Regardless, the rule in SEO professions is to adapt to the expectations of Google and Internet users!It allows you to personalize your traffic acquisition strategy by better targeting your audience, and by offering products / services that perfectly meet the expectations of your prospects. 4. Reference to the local level The subject of the long tail brings us directly to local SEO. This type of natural referencing aims to optimize its web pages on geographically targeted queries, in particular by specifying the city (“buying an apartment in Paris”) .

Do you want concrete proof? 88% of mobile users do local searches; 84% do so on tablets and computers; 40% of all search engine queries are local; 47% of clicks made after a local search relate to Google Maps results. (Source: Abundance ) The first of these levers is quite simple: it consists of registering on Google My Business and providing as much information as possible about your business. 5. prepare for voice search This is a subject that we have already mentioned on the blog, but it is worth remembering: voice search will turn SEO upside down (or is it already?) . And for good reason: in 2015 in the United States, 20% of all requests made on Google were made orally, especially on a mobile device.

while always keeping in mind one thing: it’s not the volume of visitors that matters.

Is this the end of the keyboard? Should we soon expect to see an army of mobile users in the middle of a conversation with Google in the streets? Probably not. But what is certain is that SEO is forced to adapt, because: The requests are longer, The searches are more natural (with real sentences in them, and not Google gibberish) , Key expressions have fewer errors (automatically corrected by the interface) , The majority of questions are asked (“Hey Google, who’s the prettiest?”) . And that’s good for your SEO, since the highly prized Position Zero on Google is most often reserved for requests for voice searches!

Conclusion: a whole SEO world open to you SEO is like a bicycle: if it stops moving, it’s guaranteed to fall! This is why it is forced to evolve with the times, according to updates and changes in the habits of Internet users. Don’t forget to get up to date with these few SEO tips ! If you have strong ambitions in terms of positioning, do not hesitate to contact us. Coming articles: How to choose an SEO agency? How much do the services of an SEO agency cost?Not only are you reaching more users, any time of the day. But in addition, you contribute to the good positioning of your website with regard to Google, which gives priority to mobile friendly pages.

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