If you don’t yet know the existence and function of this meta description tag , let’s first introduce it.  The meta tag called “description” provides a short description of the web page you are visiting in less than 160 characters. This meta description is included in the snippet that appears in search engine results . Meta tags are always placed in Montserrat Email List the section <head> of your HTML page. Update 12/01/2017: Google is testing the display of longer meta descriptions in its search results. They can now be displayed on 4 lines instead of 2 lines (change from 160 to 330 characters) .  A meta tag looks like this in search results: meta-description-tag The meta description tag informs both search engines.

And also the Internet users of the content of the web page in question. A meta description tag looks like this in the code of your page: The meta description tag must be placed in your html page after the <title> tag and before the end header </head> tag: <html> <head> <title> Page title </title> <meta name = ”description” content = ”page description” /> </head> </html> To optimize this tag in terms of natural referencing and to encourage the Internet user to click on your link, you must respect a few rules and above all avoid falling into certain traps. Why optimize the writing of the meta description tag? Many still think that “the meta description is useless, Google no longer takes it into account for the optimization of my SEO …”.

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What Is A Meta Description Tag?

Error ! Even if Google no longer takes into account the keywords contained in the meta-description to rank a web page, it remains very important. It is indeed the reading of the meta description that will very often trigger the click of the Internet user. An indicator called CTR or CTR (click-through rate) allows to have a clear idea of the quality of your tag. CTR is the ratio of the number of clicks an item receives to the number of times it is viewed. Example: If your link is displayed 100 times and receives 10 clicks, the click-through rate (CTR) will be 10%. You can follow the evolution of CTR by logging into Google Webmaster Tools . webmaster-tools-web-agency-anthedesignView site anthedesign.

fr request redesign website on Google Webmaster Tools web agency Out of 821 impressions of the “website redesign” request between April 9 and May 6, 73 Internet users clicked on the link, ie a CTR of 8.89%. How to optimize the writing of the meta description tag? Some simple rules to optimize the writing of your meta description tags: The description of your page must be in line with the title but also with its content. If Google detects any inconsistency between these elements, you may be considered a spammer. The description should be a logical flow of the page title for display in search results, it must be a summary of the textual content of the seller page to encourage the Internet user to click, it must not exceed 160 characters including space (156 characters according to Yoast).

What Does A Meta Tag Look Like?

The description should ideally appear entirely on the search engine results page and not be truncated. Update of 01/19/2018> Google displays meta descriptions exceeding 160 characters, it is now possible to find meta descriptions of up to 300 characters on 4 lines. A meta description must absolutely be unique. If you use the same description on several pages, Google and the others consider that you have duplicated your pages (forbidden practice in SEO) and this may cost you dearly, she must use sentences with verbs. The description must be meaningful to avoid being seen as a spammer, so avoid keyword lists, be careful not to repeat the same keywords together.

If you repeat a keyword, remember to space the occurrences always to avoid passing for a spammer, Avoid using numbers, capital letters and special characters. It is harmful both for reading the description and for the SEO of your site, if your site is multilingual, do not forget to provide descriptions adapted to the language of the web page , since the description is not intended exclusively for Google, Internet users will visit your website only if the description is attractive . To conclude on the meta description tag For optimal referencing of your website, not filling in the meta description tags and letting Google use default content is a mistake, and above all it risks not being very “seller”.

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