The 404 page 404page is compatible with WooCommerce and other ecommerce platforms, so you can stop losing so many visitors to generic 404 pages. Or, you could use this next plugin. #4: REDIRECTION Key Takeaway: Redirection lets you redirect 404 pages to existing pages, automatically helps you manage all of your redirections (for example when your page titles change), and lets you identify when people are linking to an old post. Click here to install Redirection. A 404 page can be a great

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Place to collect your visitors’ email addresses. But if you’re not building your email list or would rather redirect them to another page on your site (like a product page), then Paraguay Phone Number this is the plugin for you. Redirection allows you to redirect all 404 errors to existing pages on your site. Ever moved your domain or radically changed your URL structure? It’s easy to redirect the old URL to the new URL without needing to mess with files on your web server. Not sure what 404s people are finding on your site? Look in the logs,

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And create a redirection right from the plugin. Screenshot showing redirection options for a website This plugin can also… Automatically do a redirection when your page URL changes (like when you update a post). Let you look through and see when people are linking to an old post. Help you see if people are trying to attack your site. This is one of those plugins you didn’t know could be so useful. #5: BROKEN LINK CHECKER Key Takeaway: Broken Link Checker automatically detects broken links in your

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