Screenshot showing “browse by category” page on aliexpress. They also have a directory for every product, sorted alphabetically. The directory pages are set to meta=noindex, meaning they don’t appear in. Google’s search results but search engine bots can follow the links. This way, those pages with only links and no content aren’t dragging down the sites’ overall quality score. Screenshot showing aliexpress sitemap I personally don’t think you have to be as granular as

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Aliexpress to improve internal linking but I like the creative approach and I think more sites should try that out. Another underrated tactic to improve internal Kuwait Phone Number  linking are fat footers. The advantage of linking out of your footer is that these links appear on every page of the site and make it easier for search engines to crawl it. Fat Footers are loaded with links to categories and other important pages. They contain way more links than regular footers. A nice example comes from the already mentioned German ecommerce

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brand AboutYou. They link to every category in the footer. Screenshot showing a website Home Depot links to the most popular categories on the homepage. Screenshot showing the popular categories page on a website. And on category pages to related searches. Screenshot showing related searches on a website Apple had a footer with different links depending on which category you’re in. It’s not live anymore (not sure why) but I was able to find it on Wayback Machine: On the Mac page you have a different

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