Initially created with the aim of “making something beautiful and meaningful”, and in order to bring joy to families. The startup launched its mobile application (of the same name) in 2018. This app allows you to choose a digital story from the virtual library, and record a video of you. Therefore, you will be able to tell your children stories even if you are physically far away. When the child reads the story, a video will appear on the corner of their tablet or smartphone. So he can watch it as many times as he wants. Quality, time and cost objectives capture-story-enjoy-animals The company wanted to launch the app on both platforms: Android and iOS. Its main problem was related to cost.

The company was also concerned by quality and deadline objectives. Squirrel has been able to respond favorably to all these issues by offering Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers native cross-platform development. The choice to call on Squirrel capture-story-enjoy-chameleon It is through its positioning as a very complete Reunionese player, and its extended team, in Reunion Island and in Metropolitan France, that Squirrel was able to seduce the young start-up. StoryEnjoy satisfied with the result capture-story-enjoy-profil And it is with success that Squirrel was able to meet the expectations of the StoryEnjoy team since customers were satisfied with the application: easy to use at a reasonable cost and that works wonderfully.

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Even If, Since 2016, Sales Have Stagnated,

Some bugs to correct when it was launched, but “Squirrel has always been in favor of the success of the project”, affirms Caroline Lopez, general manager and founder of Story Enjoy. Despite delays that are sometimes a little longer than expected, StoryEnjoy has understood that the development of a mobile application is sometimes complex. She said she was satisfied with the rendering of the application. What they remember Finally, according to the start-up Story Enjoy, Squirrel is a responsive, agile and responsive team, with whom it “still enjoys working today”.

We thank Story Enjoy for having made us, and for trusting us. Uber, Blablacar, AirBnB… here are some successful startups that have launched only around a mobile application . They have also shaken up the economy and today many startups are trying, in turn, to get started using this same scheme. Summary Why create a mobile application for my startup? So how do I launch my mobile application? How to launch your startup with an MVP? MVP design: The functional MVP: Squirrel comes to your aid: Squirrel has contributed to the development of 3 startups: StoryEnjoy PsyOrganizer ZotData Your project, Our expertise!

The Global Market Should Recover Good Growth From This Year 2019.

Why create a mobile application for my startup? If we follow in the footsteps of Uber, Blablacar or Airbnb, we observe that the use of mobile applications represented for these startups an undeniable asset : connecting millions of passengers and drivers or even owners and tenants, in no time it became almost child’s play thanks to this intermediary. When you start a startup, your goal is usually to grow quickly . If your project is well defined and you have successfully identified your audience, the mobile application will play a key role in this acceleration process because it will allow you to directly reach your target customers and quickly retain them .

It also allows you, in the same way, to reach as many customers as possible. Indeed, today m-commerce is trendy, and the majority of the population is equipped with a smartphone and uses mobile applications. But in addition to being an advantage for its creator, the mobile application gives the customer both ease of access and reduced cost for most of the time (since the application is monetized differently from a physical business (through in-app purchases, advertising, etc.) which makes it possible to offer services at lower cost). So how do I launch my mobile application? The essential point is to make sure that your application will effectively create a place for itself in the stores and you must therefore have your project validated by future users.

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