Use long tail keywords The concept of the long tail refers to keywords that, separately, attract few visitors to a website. These keywords are cumulative and can represent a significant part of the traffic of a website as a whole. SEO: what is the role of the long tail? A well-constructed article with quality content and long tail keywords will make you more visible on Google on phrases with a high conversion rate. The advantages of a blog To conclude, The integration of a blog system to your website is a real added value for your customers, your prospects and for you! A good content can boost the SEO of your website.

Remember that writing an article to feed your blog and increase the visibility of your blog and by extension that of your website. The Liberia Email List only downside is that writing requires an investment of time, writing skills and patience! The beneficial effects of a blog (like a website) are measured over time and this requires a dose of perseverance. Working on SEO is a marathon, not a speed race. If you are diligent and if you regularly feed your blog with quality and optimized content, you will see the benefits on the natural referencing of your site in the following months.

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Publish quality articles related to your activity

Measure the results obtained and its return on investment (ROI) As part of a natural referencing strategy, you must keep in mind the concept of return on investment or ROI (Return On Investment) . ROI for natural referencing Return on investment is the difference between what an action cost you and what you earn. For natural referencing, the notion of ROI requires a long-term vision. Indeed, the optimization of natural referencing aims to make you achieve better positions in the search results in order to generate more traffic on your site. However, the gain in “natural” positions is more or less long (the gains are visible after several months). Concretely, an investment made in January will not bear fruit the same month. To efficiently calculate your ROI, you must therefore take a step back for a natural referencing action: take for example a whole year.

You will then be able to clearly see the fallout from the SEO strategy put in place: if it cost you € 400 per month (or € 4,800 for one year) and you notice an increase in your turnover over the same period. € 24,000 compared to the previous year, your strategy is paying off. Interpret the results obtained and implement corrective actions The interpretation of the results and the implementation of corrective actions imply a mastery of all the statistical tools, starting with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Google Analytics allows you to obtain the following information over a given period and to compare two periods: The number of visits over a period and the number of unique visitors The percentage of revisits.

Create relevant links to strategic pages of your website

The bounce rate Where your traffic is coming from Keywords that generate organic traffic Analyze the audience of your website with Google Analytics Google Search Console allows you to: Control the indexing of your pages, Consult the queries typed by Internet users, To know your average positioning on your keywords, To visualize your backlinks , To submit and check the validity of your Sitemap (site map), … This non-exhaustive list of features makes Google Search Console an essential tool for SEO experts. When you want to both interpret results and implement corrective actions. Google Search Console is the best ally of traffic manager and SEO agencies .

Google Search Console or GSC, a wealth of free information on your website Conclusion Building a natural referencing strategy always pays off in the long term, provided you follow all the steps and have a website with sound technical bases. An audit of your website is recommended before building your SEO strategy.You can also use more comprehensive SEO tools such as those offered by Majestic SEO, Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer. These paid tools provide more information about your backlinks. They also have the advantage of listing more than Google Search Console . To conclude, Netlinking is effective in improving the notoriety and visibility of a page provided that: Favor quality over quantity, Prefer natural links to the detriment of artificial links.

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