Lindsay’s badge and research pictured below) Picture showing a name tag and spreadsheets/emails on the right. By going to the USPTO in person Lindsay. Was able to meet with an off-duty examiner who helped explain the patent process. The patent database is super confusing to search if you don’t know what you are doing. Lindsay had no idea that missing a comma or where you place a word could totally change her search results), so she got help.

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If you don’t live near the USPTO in Virginia, USA you can go to a USPTO satellite office in Dallas, Denver, Detroit, or San Jose to get help searching the database. Or Vietnam Phone Number you can call the USPTO office from the contact page on their website. From this research, Lindsay discovered that most of the toothpaste tablets and powders on the market are baking soda-based. She found that toothpastes are made up mostly of water and abrasives, Hydrated Silica being the bad one (and also the most popular.)

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Hydrated Silica is harder than tooth enamel so by using it twice a day. Every day you are literally slowly eroding your own enamel.[*] Lindsay found that if you take the water out of the toothpaste, it becomes self-preserving. It doesn’t require any synthetic preservatives to keep it fresh). She also found something called “Kaolin Clay” as a replacement ingredient for. Hydrated Silica and two all-natural sugar alcohols (Xylitol and Erythritol) that protect by keeping bacteria from sticking to teeth.

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