Food Network recorded 35% more visits by converting 80% of its pages to add SERP functionality. Rakuten found that people spent 1.5 times more time on pages that included search result functionality than on pages that did not contain structured data. These studies clearly show the usefulness of SERP features and how they can improve a company’s business on the internet. How to get SERP functionality? Google makes many means available to web pages to obtain SERP functionality and highlight their content from traditional blue links. To benefit from these features, you must adhere to Google’s requirements and guidelines based on the SERP feature you are looking for . But that’s not enough to ensure your page has search functionality. You also need to allow your web page to reach the top of the Google results page by optimizing its content with structured data .

It is purely and simply to work on your natural referencing . If you are not familiar with structured data, you will of course need to study and test it. Then you can: Choose the content of your target which must target structured data and apply Cyprus Email Addresses Google’s guidelines to them. Tag this content (job listings, FAQs, reviews, etc.) with org properties . For example, you can use Google’s guide to get the knoledge panel or to update it. Check if your content is rich to benefit from SERP features thanks to Google’s Rich Result Test. Google doesn’t promise that content optimized with structured data will top search results. It also does not guarantee you to get any Google functionality. However, optimizing your content is still the best way to get them. There are some particularly effective tools that can help you achieve this. This is the case with Semrush.

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How can Semrush help you get SERP functionality?

Semrush is a word analysis tool that allows you to gain insight into your competition’s SEO strategy . You can therefore use it to surf the opportunities forgotten by your competitors and get Featured Snippets or other possible SERP features. Indeed, there are certain tactics to fine-tune your content optimization and maximize your chances of being retained by Google for SERP functionality.  By going through your competitor’s list of keywords with the Semrush tool, you will identify those that trigger SERP features. And if you produce better content than your competitor based on those keywords, the latter’s snippet could be replaced by Google and linked to your content.

Identify the keywords that trigger SERP functionality and position yourself on them. In addition to finding opportunities in your competitor’s keywords, you can research and find new opportunities. The tool Keyword Tool Magic SEMRush is ideal for this. All you need to do is enter a basic keyword and use a filter to retain only the generated keywords that trigger SERP features. Monitor and seize opportunities to obtain SERP functionality Semrush offers you the possibility of setting up a Position Tracking tool through which you will follow the ranking functionalities of your target keywords and the target functionalities. In this way, you will follow the performance of your website, but also that of your competitors .

Analyze the functionalized SERPs occupied by your customers to find opportunities

Make an on-page optimization of your content to have SERP features Semrush puts three different tools at your disposal to succeed in this step: SEO Content Template to find the content template that will help you rank for your keyword and SERP features. SEO Writing Assistant to guarantee the originality, readability and SEO performance of your content. On-Page SEO Checker to find specific optimization ideas. In conclusion You now know what a SERP is and how its features can benefit your website. Going forward, we recommend that you target a few of these features and try out some of our strategies to let us know what works for you. Remember that patience and experimentation are the key words of SEO. It will take you time, but with the right tools, you stand a chance.


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