And Backlinks With Social Proof 5 Educating Users With Microsites And Guides 6 Strengthening Internal Linking With HTML Sitemaps. And Fat Footers BEATING AMAZON WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTENT AND FEATURED SNIPPETS. The strongest weapon offline retail has against the online tsunami that’s running over it is good service. You cannot (yet) replicate that online. But there are several ways to provide at least some degree of customer service that also works very well for SEO.

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One way is questions. Google loves ’em. The search engine has become an answer engine that tries to answer the most important questions right in the search Georgia Phone Number  results. It does so with two formats: “featured snippets”… Screenshot showing google search Georgia Phone Number  results And… “direct answers”, a collection of questions in a fold-out container. Screenshot showing Georgia Phone Number  google search results Notice that neither featured snippets nor direct answers in the examples above feature Amazon.

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In fact, the query “are the yeezys true to size” doesn’t have a single retailer on Google’s first page. But people ask these question – usually when they consider buying the product. Amazon is good at collecting the most important questions about a product on its product pages, almost like Google. But it’s definitely not the king of direct answers and featured snippets*. According to SEMrush, the big A has about 36,000 featured snippets, which in relation isn’t that much (0.27% of their keywords).

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