In a previous article entitled: “ Keywords: How to choose them well for the referencing of your website ” We reviewed two methods for finding keywords, the intuitive approach and the generators. After these two steps, it is interesting to compare and complete your list of keywords (keywords) with a competitive analysis. Competitor analysis is one of the most essential steps in building a website and by extension in choosing keywords. It is essential to carefully study the competitive sector in which you plan to compete. This analysis will bring you relevant information in your process of choosing keywords, it will allow you to consolidate or not your intuitive approach. If you know how to do it, this analysis can be very simple and quick to implement.

Where to find them? To determine the keywords put forward by the competition, it is first necessary to find the sites to analyze, target preferably Niue Email List the competing sites well positioned on Google in your field of activity and on expressions that you have already retained . Once the competing sites have been identified, we will be content to visualize areas containing key words in the source code, by focusing for example on the occurrences registered in the title levels and on the metadata. seo title tag How to find them? Each of this data is accessible via the display of the source code of the pages in browsers.

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Why Conduct A Competitive Analysis?

To display the source code of a page, just right click and you will see in the context menu “display the source code of the page” or “display the source” depending on the browser used. To find keywords in source code, look for terms between tags or in tags named . The first indicate the title of the page and therefore the keywords relating to the general theme of the content, while the metadata give indications to the robots of the search engines. Other optimization areas can also be observed such as internal title tags . Another method consists in using a diagnostic tool such as example we have passed the home page of the AntheDesign site through the mill, here is the result.

In picture: yakaferci home anthedesign In text version:Web hosting Google Webmaster Tools ( GWT for close friends or even Google Search Console ) is a valuable tool to support all your SEO efforts . To have a more precise idea of ​​its potential, know that the main function of Google Webmaster Tools is to allow you to see your site as Google sees it. Webmaster Tools is an essential tool to know both the state of health of your website and the state of its indexing, but not only … A website active in Webmaster Tools has a better chance of being fully indexed and better positioned . Google Webmaster Tools provides a lot of very useful information to maximize your SEO strategy .

Where And How Do You Find These Keywords?

Some useful features of GWT Google’s webmaster tool Google Search Console allows you to: Consult the keywords of the queries typed on the internet having displayed a link to your site with the number of impressions and the number of clicks and the CTR ( CTR = click rate per 100 ads ), it is also possible to know the number clicks per day ( you can also combine Google Analytics with Google Webmaster Tools to verify this data ); webmaster tools statistics exploration google search consoleScreenshot Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console / reload analysis View and configure the site indexing frequency ( activity of Google crawlers ); webmaster tools statistics explorationwebmaster tools: website exploration statistics Viewing your structured data.

such as Google+ author links or product review data, seeing data statistics, their type and pattern, is useful in order to verify that the pages you have marked are indeed bookmarked ; View all the visit statistics ( loading times, number of pages crawled per day, etc. ) of the site by Googlebot, Google’s indexing robot; Submit and verify the validity of your Sitemap ( site map ) is also an opportunity to verify the relevance of the structure of its website; Produce and validate a robots txt file ( the robots txt file makes it possible to prohibit the access of robots to certain parts of your website ); Specify the domain you want to see displayed by Google and the pages offered below it, on an experimental basis in the section google labs.

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