ny marketing and sales professional knows that most buyers don’t make a purchase decision right away. As WebAttract co-founder Mike Agron puts it: “77% or more of today’s B2B buyers will research you before they even want to speak with you. In B2B, most Mexico Phone Number people are on a journey to get more educated.” There is no better way to educate leads on your value proposition than webinars. They provide huge amounts of value to your audience, all while positioning you as an authority. You can demonstrate that you’re the right person to help them. The Mexico Phone Number problem is: Many marketers create webinars that deliver little value.

Worse They Don’t Know How Mexico Phone Number

To create webinars that turn leads into ready-to-buy opportunities. In this blog, I will outline the formula that successful brands use to turn leads into sales with webinars. How to Choose a Topic that Draws an Audience Webinars have become so common that there’s a lot of noise around the format. To cut through this noise, you must choose a killer topic. Click To Tweet This means discovering the challenges people in your audience are trying to overcome. Picking topics can no longer come from an internal brainstorm alone. The main objective of webinars Mexico Phone Number is usually to convert leads into sales. Therefore, when brainstorming a topic, you should get your sales team involved from the beginning. To find topic ideas, ask yourselves:

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That prospects ask? What would we enjoy teaching? What are we most knowledgeable in? Which area could we deliver the most value in 60 minutes? The topic you pick can be broad, diving into several subtopics. Or you can go deep and talk about a specific topic Mexico Phone Number in a granular fashion. Your approach will depend on the nature of your offering. To find specific topics for your webinar, start with a broad topic and brainstorm subtopics. For example, if Pipedrive were going to talk about sales challenges, here’s what a brainstorming session Mexico Phone Number might look like: Sales Challenges You should also look outside of your organization to get an educated direction of which topic to choose. Four sources of topic information you can go for:

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