More than 15 pages of links on lead to internet sites, portals leading to other sites… There is something for everyone: job seekers, recruiters, websites such as pole-emploi. fr,,,,… Looking for a job on the Internet has become an efficient and rapid method anchored in mores. Companies are recruiting more and more on the Internet. Why is the Net arousing so much envy for job searches? How to find a job on the Internet? logo_pole_emploi Recruit on the Net According to a publication in the Journal du Net , this summer 2013, “more than 13.4 million French people, or almost 30% of Internet users in the country, visited sites in the ’employment / career’ category of Médiamétrie, to spend on average more than 28 minutes in the month.

This figure is hardly surprising given a record unemployment rate of 10.2% at the end of 2012. ” Companies are recruiting more and more Australian Email Address on the Internet for 4 major advantages: 1) The speed of the recruitment cycle It takes 3 months for a traditional recruitment cycle: the publication of the advertisement, the reception and then the processing of applications by preselecting the candidates. Interviews, evaluations and then hiring. While on the Internet, the recruitment cycle is 3 weeks: it includes the immediate publication of announcements, distribution to relevant targets, then instant receipt of applications through pre-selection and application management tools. 2) The cost of making and delivering the ads It is 10 times lower on the Internet than for paper advertisements in the press.

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How to apply on the Net?

It takes 5,000 € the average cost of recruitment by an advertisement in the press, against 500 € the average cost of recruitment via the Internet. 3) targeting Websites allow recruiters to better target candidates. 4) The impact for candidates The Internet makes it easier and faster for recruiters to reach candidates according to the profile sought and anywhere in France, or even internationally. social media recruitment There are many advantages to looking for a job on the Internet, here are some of them: View ads anytime and anywhere, Follow the announcements by putting email alerts on targeted jobs, Participate in a community and build your own community on social networks, Better target their searches with multi-criteria searches, Obtain information and advice on specialized sites such as Apec,

Quickly obtain answers to questions such as their rights on institutional sites such as the Pole emploi one. advice-cv  Applying for a job on the Internet? Nothing’s easier ! Take the time to prepare your CV well and publish it on Internet sites dedicated to employment such as,,,… Enter the keywords relating to the profession you are looking for in the search engines. seek. If a recruiter is looking for a marketing assistant, for example, he will post his offer on 3 types of websites specializing in ‘assistant’, the job, then ‘marketing’ the function and ‘IT’ the sector of activity. job on the internet, I found a job To conclude, The Internet has opened up new possibilities for recruitments and job seekers, faster, more convenient and more efficient job searches.

The advantages for the internet job seeker

Specialized websites and social networks such as, LinkedIn,, etc. are involved in the development of tools to make the connection between recruiters and job seekers even more effective.humor-telework In short… Teleworking is progressing in France! But 90% of directors of French companies say they are not aware of the possibilities offered by this type of work organization and remain skeptical. The ANACT was commissioned to help companies better understand the challenges of teleworking. It facilitates: the implementation of teleworking in organizations, and is a party to the Quality of Life at Work agreement, which was signed in July 2013. Daniel COHEN, French economist, explains that “teleworking is at the conjunction of the restructuring of the creation of value for the company and new expectations of employees in terms of quality of life and environmental concerns” .

In other words, teleworking wins us over!represents 22% of websites), Tumblr announced the addition of SSL by default to protect readers of their 189 million blogs, Mozilla (creator of Firefox), encourages the community to make a commitment to use the security tools in Firefox, Yahoo pledges to pressure the US Senate to fight surveillance using the already widely used hashtag #ResetTheNet on Twitter, Google announced on its blog the launch of a new open source end-to-end encrypted messaging project. Reset the net Reset The Net also offers on its website a pack of tools for computers and smartphones (Windows, Mac or Linux) such as Tor, Redphone or ChatSecure, these software seriously complicate the task of the American agency. The Guardian today announced “Reset the Net” to launch SecureDrop, a new service for whistleblowers of such practices.

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