You do not feel concerned by the effects of the digital transformation of society and businesses? Do you think that the digitalization of your processes and your organization is not a subject for you because the activity of your company is specific and you have no reason to change anything? So we need to talk about it because you will not be able to resist this huge wave any longer, which is disrupting the consumption habits of your customers and prospects day after day, who will end up getting tired of your wait-and-see attitude and throw themselves into the arms of your competition.

Summary Innovate or die The 7 levels of transformation The keys to success  Train your teams digitally with SQUIRREL trainers Innovate or Greece Phone Number List die Whether you like it or not, no business can escape the future. innovation In the digital age where almost all consumers and objects are interconnected, if you do not provide solutions that meet the expectations of your customers and prospects, then you will die! To effectively meet the new needs of your customers and prospects and the challenges of your market, you must innovate and renew your practices.

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Managing The Digitalization Of Your Business: How Do You Do That?

You must continuously improve the quality of your services. If you don’t, your competition will do it for you and they are already preparing for it for many of them. It is no longer even a question of differentiating yourself from the competition, it is just a question of your survival and your adequacy with your environment which has changed a lot. And it’s not about to stop, because your competition is not just who you think it is. They are now coming from all over the world. In 2016, for example, more than 10,000 parcels from China entered Reunion Island.

CQFD It is not simply a question of acquiring the best digital tools. No, because you will have to operate a real digital strategy at all levels of your organization in order for your transformation to be efficient and effective across the entire value chain. And this is no small feat. We have to be honest, managing this organizational change is going to be complex. The purpose of this article is precisely to enlighten you on the path to your digital transition . The 7 levels of transformation As I told you previously, a digital transformation is effective if and only if it involves all the operating levels of a company. To illustrate this, Michael Wade modeled in 2015 the 7 levels of digital transformation of an organization: the “digitization piano” : The Business Model.

The Hybrid Model According To Squirrel

How You Do Things IT skills: How you collect and manage information Products and services offered: Your offers The engagement model: How you engage with your stakeholders As you can see, all of the company’s stakeholders are involved in the change process, which is intended to evolve over time. The definition of change management in a digital transformation is not frozen in time, so it can evolve and can be approached differently in different organizations. According to a study by Weil & Woermer in 2013, the management of Change Management is carried out on three main axes: Convergence It is about concentrating all the resources and investments dedicated to digital in a specific unit under the direction of one person. This approach makes it possible to create a common synergy by reducing the risks and costs on the implementation of digital tools.

Coordination does not change the organizational structure of the company. It simply adds digital hubs in each section of the company in order to coordinate activities. It is therefore organized in separate units supported by a common infrastructure which coordinates the various activities. This approach avoids too much upheaval and facilitates collaboration between divisions. Separate innovation hubs In this approach, there is no coordination. Each unit is free to manage the digital function independently, the goal being to support innovation and maximize value through localized management. The keys to success To initiate the management of interim management, the role of general management is essential. It must create in its ranks the conditions for a culture of exchange and sharing of knowledge at the same time as the flexibility of its teams and its processes.


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