Fixed issue where last intro card would not close the modal. Refactor Display Rules: Removed unused endpoints, moved logic into DisplayRules.loadRules, updated Russia Phone Number List use of objectId Shortcuts. Worked to consolidate and clean up save logic JUNE 11, 2018 – JUNE 17, Russia Phone Number List 2018 Chores In-App Billing: Updated text to reflect 30-day Money-back Guarantee Russia Phone Number List Features Shopify. Shopify auto-connects to Oauth if using the Shopify plugin Fixes Sumo Library: Fixed pagination Pricing Table

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Fixed pricing table caching previous Russia Phone Number List pricing table plans Style Shortcuts: Fixed several design issues. JUNE 4, 2018 – JUNE 10, 2018 Features List Builder: In preparation for upcoming shortcuts, added ability to use a combination of timed/exit for Russia Phone Number List showing a form. Shortcuts: Now autosaves upon changing between steps. Wootric: Emails users an Russia Phone Number List NPS survey if they decline in-app. Fixes Shortcuts: Updated style to prevent issues when resizing. Updated scroll behavior to give users a better experience when scrolling between the various steps. Cart Abandonment Shortcut: Update discountUrl to use hostname instead of site name Autoresponder

Russia Phone Number List

Deleting a test without choosing a Russia Phone Number List winner would also remove the Autoresponder. Refactor Legacy Stats: Use ElasticSearch rather than Russia Phone Number List DynamoDB for more realtime subscriber stats MAY 29, 2018 – JUNE 3, 2018 Chores Shortcuts. Updated Step 1 kopy Russia Phone Number List Features Shortcuts: Added shortcuts deep link Fixes Autoresponder / Message Center. Fixed bug with nonstandard chars in From Name Abandoned Cart Shortcut. Fixed Woocommerce store URL not being cleaned up properly upon integration.

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