It makes sense, you can only cover so many words in a text. But again, length alone is only a proxy for more relevant content/entities! Yes, this is just one Estonia Phone Number small example and surely other factors have an impact here. But ranking factor studies from Searchmetrics and SEMrush[**] found content length and relevance to have significant impact on rank. How you can apply it When creating content for a category page,

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analyze the top 10 organic results with Google’s Natural Language API* by copy pasting their content into the “Try the API” box. Look for entities with a high salience and Estonia Phone Number make sure to structure your content around them.[*] Look at the text length of the top 10 results for Estonia Phone Number your keyword. That will give you a good gauge of how much to write and how often to Estonia Phone Number mention the entities in your text. Cover as many entities as possible in content that’s comfortable and quick for users to consume.

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Structure it with headings, lists and whitespace. GETTING USERS HOOKED WITH PRODUCT CURATION AND INSPIRATION We live in a world of content abundance and choice overload. It’s the problem described in the classic article “The Long Tail”* or Barry Schwartz’s’ TED talk on “the paradox of choice”. The internet gives us instant access to millions of products and pieces of content but that’s also a problem. A huge selection doesn’t leave much space for niche products but every human has a particular

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