A strong brand experience requires a strong brand narrative, which is that a good story can attract consumers and make them believe in your company. Being, in addition, a way to establish your brand in increasingly competitive markets. Now, to define a brand narrative it is necessary to identify a significant differential , since it is this concept that will guide the story you have to tell your audience . Many companies have invested in this strategy and the reason is simple: it brings results .

With an effective narrative, it is possible to create a brand identity to communicate with the consumer. Therefore, in this post, we will talk in detail about the concept. You will then see the following topics: What is a brand narrative? What role does the brand narrative play in business? Why are companies investing in Bahamas Email Lists narratives? How to apply it in your company? Keep reading! What is a brand narrative? A brand is a concept that allows brands to create a unique story that will guide all of their business activity. This narrative, when created, has the function of showing the future to the consumer.

From this, companies indicate how they differ from their competitors. Therefore, it is necessary to create these narratives from a solid concept . If there is a clear idea behind the narrative, the brands will shape the public perception of them . A good job will create real stories in the mind of the consumer. After all, this is the main idea behind a brand narrative. It is important to note that this concept is related to storytelling .

Therefore, brands will create a story to illustrate a market concept that a company follows. And, for this to be possible, it is necessary to structure the brand narrative on three bases: The change that the brand proposes to the market; How the consumer benefits if they commit to this idea; The future according to what the brand presents to the consumer. Case studies that help understand the brand narrative Do you want to understand the brand narrative through good examples?

First, think of Netflix and what it brought in as a revolutionary idea. Before streaming , you found your favorite movies on Blockbuster, right? In its branding concept, Netflix indicated that the future is how we live today: easy and affordable access to a large selection of content. netflix page Therefore, we can understand that Netflix’s brand narrative was to show you that you can watch movies and TV series by paying only a monthly subscription.

Salesforce , the CRM software company , is another interesting case study. In its early days, the company had a narrative that pointed to the “end of software.” It was a powerful statement and it seemed unrealistic. However, by working on its concept, Salesforce redefined the classic software model that was about to become obsolete. In fact, this is the scenario we see today. salesforce campaign Salesforce said that in the future we would no longer have the software installed on our computers. And it was exactly what happened, today, the tools that help us in everyday life run directly from the cloud, in the SaaS model . This model is what Salesforce proposed, executed and, more than that, showed with its brand narrative.

Another great example is Apple, the technology giant presented itself to the general public with a slogan that, at the time, said little: “Think differently.” Today, if we look at what the brand has done over the years, we can see the proposed brand narrative. One of the pillars of the company’s work is innovation. Whether it’s new technology or design, Apple has a fantastic mission to bring unique products to market. apple watch campaign Therefore, with each product released, Apple strives to reinforce this innovative position . Everything he delivers to the market follows the motto created by Steve Jobs. They are unique and minimalist products destined to change the market.

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