How to choose the right web host? This question is systematically asked when designing or redesigning a website or a host smartphone application. This is a crucial step, which plays an important role in the operation and performance of a site. Page load speed, impact on SEO, site or app security: there are several things you need to take Italy Phone Number List into account. Since there are many web hosts on the market, it is important to draw up a list of criteria that will allow you to make the best choice when it comes to hosting your site. Summary  The possibility of hosting email addresses Connection speed and server availability Integration possibilities Security Data backup.

You should know that there are several types of accommodation namely: Shared hosting: here, several clients use the same server in order to reduce costs. This formula is recommended for people with minimal storage space requirements ( click here to see a comparison ). Dedicated hosting: here you have a personal server, operated exclusively by your company. If you have a great need for storage but especially bandwidth, this type of server is ideal for you. Very popular with e-commerce sites, this server also generally offers better security. On the other hand, it is of course more expensive ( click here to see a comparison ). Cloud hosting: this type of hosting is based on several virtual servers. This type of server offers great flexibility in management and adapts to user needs in real time.


How To Choose The Type Of Server?

The possibility of hosting email addresses Most hosting solutions take email addresses into account. Before choosing your host, you will have to make sure that it contains this service. It will allow you to have addresses in the following form: [email protected] Another data that will have to be checked is whether the number of addresses that it is possible to create corresponds to the needs of your company. Connection speed and server availability These two elements play an important role in the performance of your website. Usually uptime is between 99 and 100%, but the 1% difference is roughly 3 days in a year. Which means your site runs the risk of being down for 72 hours over the course of a year. For a high traffic platform like e-commerce sites, this can be huge.

Speed ​​is a good criterion for comparing accommodation solutions. It represents the time it takes for a page to open. Of course, the faster it is, the better. Integration possibilities The server you choose must be the perfect match for the type of software used for your site. If you are an e-commerce site for example, or you use a CMS, the type of hosting will have to be adapted. Hosts generally allow easy use of CMS such as Prestashop, WordPress, Joomla, etc. Security Very important point not to be overlooked. The security of your website is paramount. Thus, you must highlight this criterion when choosing your host . It will be necessary to opt for a solution that includes an IP blocking, an SSL certificate, etc.

The Possibility Of Hosting Email Addresses

This will allow you to fight cyber attacks more effectively, without having to go through external services like Cloudflare. Data backup Choose a web host that can automatically back up your data on a fairly regular basis. This feature allows you to retrieve important information in the event of a problem. Some plugins allow you to make a backup and save site data, but it is preferable to choose a host that includes this functionality. Do you have specific questions and would like a personalized answer? Contact us so that an expert will get back to you and help you see more clearly. it is also necessary to analyze the state of the market, the trends, your competitors, see what works in order to integrate it into your strategy.

Step 2: Model management/production processes In setting up your digitalization project, it is essential to involve your employees. Briefing and modeling your teams will facilitate the development of your digital project. In order to successfully manage this transition, it is important to define an organizational structure in accordance with your company’s strategy. This requires open and collaborative training that actively promotes digitization, thereby communicating a clear message to employees. A corporate culture that embraces change is necessary to achieve the flexibility required by the digital world. The transformation must be deeply rooted in the culture of your company, indeed it evolves rapidly, therefore the organization must have the willingness to adapt, to experiment and to strive for continuous improvement.

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