WikiData is a free, collaborative, multilingual, and secondary database collecting structured data to feed Wikipedia. This is a credible source of information for Google and it is very easy to add yourself to it. Crunchbase is a platform for commercial information on private and public companies on which it is very easy to create your profile. Government Saint Lucia Email List websites and professional associations are also reliable sources that Google can use to confirm your credibility. Correct inaccuracies Make sure all of the information about your business is correct.If your website does not receive or receives few visits, it is surely because it is poorly referenced in the search results.

A web referencing agency helps you adopt the right natural referencing strategy in order to gain visibility! However, natural referencing is a subtle art . Not everyone can improvise as a “SEO”, it is important to choose the right provider.  A web referencing agency implements a set of techniques to improve the referencing of websites . But to have a real return on investment, you have to be visible in the right place . Keyword research and content creation It is not enough to refer to a keyword chosen at random. A good SEO agency, after performing a full SEO audit , studies your target audience and their search intentions. It will deduce a selection of keywords related to your activity, but also to the “way of thinking” of your audience.

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Understand the role of a SEO agency

These words or expressions will be integrated into the textual content of your website. Netlinking: creating a link The role of a web agency is also to improve the notoriety of your website in order to make it more visible to search engines. Put simply, the more people talk about you, the more Google will consider you worthy of interest. Your agency will then create backlinks on the web, that is to say links pointing to your site. But be careful, these links must be as natural as possible. There is no point in creating links from sites that have nothing to do with your activity or that have little notoriety in your field. Google may detect inconsistencies that will cause you to lose places in the long term. What is Netlinking?

How to use it to improve your SEO? Technical optimization Your SEO agency is also responsible for making technical improvements on-site. Loading time, URL, SiteMap , HTML tags are all parameters to take into account to reference a website. Thus, an SEO agency will work on the tree structure of your site, in order to allow search engines to quickly identify its various contents. It will ensure that the site loading speed does not exceed 3 seconds. It will ensure the optimization of the tags or of the robots.txt file of your site. Identify your needs and goals To be able to communicate on what you want with your SEO agency, you must already identify your needs and your objectives. For this, you must be able to understand a minimum of the jargon related to web referencing.

Check the seriousness of an SEO agency

We advise you to learn briefly about SEO techniques. You can start by reading some SEO articles on our agency’s blog. If it’s a redesign of your website , it allows you to do a light audit to identify issues around your SEO. And helps you clearly signal your needs to the provider. If it is a website creation , this allows you to understand the actions taken and to follow the evolution of your SEO. For example, if you need fast results, you may want to consider running sponsored link campaigns on Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) alongside your SEO strategy . Mention it to your web agency, who will help you in setting them up.  Once you know what you want, you’ll need to find a serious SEO agency that can do the job with you for the long haul.

Only there may be thousands of them. It is not easy to navigate. There are several ways to ensure the professionalism of a SEO agency. Analyze your E-reputation A good way to check the seriousness of your potential SEO agency is to analyze its reputation on the web. If she has a certain notoriety, that’s a pretty good sign. To do this, look at its actions on social networks : if it is prolific, followed and possibly generates engagement. You can also take a look at his corporate blog and read a few articles to assess his expertise. You can also see his participation in events as a specialist. Finally, you can start looking for opinions on their work across the web (Google My business, Forums, social networks, etc.).

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