As we won’t always be linking to checkout pages Refactor Shortcuts. Stop pulling ListBuilderVariants on load for no real reason Shortcuts. Updated preview to work better regardless of the preview type and moved logic from t into the view it renders MAY 21, 2018 – MAY 28, 2018 Chores Shortcuts. Updated to show Shortcuts to all shopify/woocommerce users, existing and new Features Shortcuts.

The Line Tips for Building a Business

Added tooltips to error tags, direct link to step containing the error, added ability to go to any step using routes. Shortcuts: Clicking on the progress bar in the Sweden Phone Number wizard will let a user jump to different steps. Fixes Sumo: activeApp was being set to Dashboard before was ready to go. This was preventing defaultApp from working properly Shortcuts. Fixed styling on multi-use discount code input Shortcuts. Fixed copy in Display Settings sections of Shortcuts Shortcuts

South Korea Phone Number List

Updated shortcuts data structure to prevent React warnings requiring unique key properties List Builder. Removed a line that was sending duplicate events to Sumo. Apply here List Builder: Fixed error message that was using the wrong variable so not showing proper error message Shortcuts: Fixed issue where using the back button would not reset steps in the progress bar. Autoresponder: Upon selecting a winning test variant, reassign the autoresponders to point to the winning variant only

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