Last year our readers told us they wanted to learn how to get more social shares on their articles. Yet for eCommerce businesses, social shares may not drive Ecuador Phone Number sales as much as you think. We found that it was extremely rare for an article published by an Ecuador Phone Number eCommerce site to truly go viral (we’re talking 50k+ shares). For our analysis, we set the bar lower at Ecuador Phone Number 2,000 shares or more, and this is what we found. Graph showing proportion of viral articles This suggests that social shares don’t matter that much for

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Profitable eCommerce content. It’s likely that this is because the traffic to the content on these popular eCommerce sites comes from search engines rather than social Ecuador Phone Number networks. So instead of chasing after social shares in hopes to drive more traffic to your content, Ecuador Phone Number an SEO strategy may serve you better. Focus on targeting keywords that your customer will be Ecuador Phone Number searching for, and creating content to help them. Key takeaway: Focus on creating content that helps your customer, and not on content that tries to

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Get social shares. HOW LONG DO YOUR Ecuador Phone Number ARTICLES NEED TO BE? Probably the most common question a content marketer gets is how Ecuador Phone Number long a blog post should be. Most people hate the real answer (“as long as it needs to be to be valuable, and no longer”) because it’s Ecuador Phone Number vague and we’ve all heard conflicting opinions. “Long-form Ecuador Phone Number content gets more social shares than short content and ranks better in search engines!”[*] “Nobody has the attention span for long-form content anymore.

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