The theory is that backlinks give a site authority. Helping it to land on the first page for key search terms, which in turn can bring your business loads of free traffic and Cyprus Phone Number sales. So did we find that to be true? Yes! Graph showing the mean number of backlinks per Cyprus Phone Number article based on traffic In our analysis. Companies in the over $1 million revenue category had a Cyprus Phone Number higher mean number of backlinks per article than those in lower revenue categories. (And remember, while these numbers look small, their effect, when multiplied

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Over hundreds of articles translates into a lot more backlinks to their sites). Interestingly, companies in the first category (blue bar – less than $100k/year) did Cyprus Phone Number better than the next category (yellow bar). It could be that those sites are newer and are run by Cyprus Phone Number owners who are better educated about SEO ranking factors. But we can’t say for sure. So, bigger companies Cyprus Phone Number have more backlinks. This makes sense. Research from SEMRush in 2017 supports this idea that backlinks are one of the strongest ranking factors.

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And it determined that “2.2 times more Cyprus Phone Number backlinks lead to URLs on the first position than to the URLs on the second”. Sounds like a chicken or the egg question, right? What came first? Is it. The backlinks are making the articles rank better in Google and therefore Cyprus Phone Number getting more traffic and sales. Or… The ranking in Google or the excellent content (linkable assets) Cyprus Phone Number generating more backlinks? I’m guessing the latter. And the data seems to agree: Graph showing number of backlinks per article and virality We

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