Google AdWords’ traffic forecasting tool lets you know for each keyword an estimated average CPC and search volume per month. 5 – Write announcements You should write attractive ads and don’t hesitate to write at least two ads per keyword. This will allow you to test them in a real situation to retain only the best. Last tip: to optimize Cocos Islands Keeling Email List your campaign, a landing page perfectly suited to each of your ads is essential. Before taking the plunge and becoming an advertiser, do not hesitate to read these 2 articles: How to effectively use Adwords to generate profit? Google ADWORDS: How to create and optimize your campaign? If you think you are ready, you can create your AdWords account . A properly managed AdWords campaign can get you first on Google while keeping your costs under control.

SEO The internet referencing , especially the SEO is a discipline that brings results over the long term. Optimizing the SEO of your website to be placed in front of your competitors is an invaluable investment. Investing time or money in the SEO of your site will offer you a higher return on investment (ROI) than other acquisition channels. What is natural referencing? The SEO , also known as SEO (search engine optimization) is a set of techniques to optimize the visibility of a website on Google and other engines. Contrary to some popular belief, natural referencing is not free referencing . To obtain good internet referencing via natural referencing, your website and its content must comply with Google’s requirements (around 200 criteria). 93% of online experiences start with a search engine.

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The strategy to adopt remains the same

It would be a shame not to be properly referenced there. A good referencing on Google is therefore essential, ideally you have to think of internet referencing from the design of your website or during an overhaul . How does natural referencing work? The quality of natural referencing will be the result of the importance attached to the structure and tree structure of your site, the richness of its content , the choice of the right keywords, the optimization of its pages and the quality. of its inbound links (backlink) . Unlike AdWords, natural referencing will remain effective throughout the life of your website under certain conditions: Internet referencing must be followed up with regular positioning audits , It must be supported by communication actions and by in-depth updating work .

Having a beautiful website is not enough, having a good SEO is essential, it is the guarantee of making yourself visible and increasing your visibility. How to be first on Google with natural referencing? Being in first position on Google with natural referencing cannot be improvised! It is the result of a well thought out SEO strategy, followed by implementation and diligent monitoring and a minimum of patience. If you are in a hurry, go for paid SEO instead. If you are interested in SEO then you will need to implement an effective SEO strategy to get results. Getting number one on a competitive keyword can take several years! Build your SEO strategy Like any strategy, that of natural referencing requires applying an orderly method. To implement it, you will need to.

These techniques are strictly prohibited by Google and strongly discouraged if you want to remain visible on search engines.

Identify your targets with the personas method for example, Define your objectives in terms of visibility and conversion, Choose the right keywords using your intuition, that of your loved ones and some SEO tools, Produce unique and optimized content for search engines, Promote your content on social networks, Measure the results obtained with regular positioning audits . Connect your site to Google Analytics and Google Search Console tools to monitor your audience and your positioning, Implement corrective actions if the results are not there, Stay on standby and follow the evolution of search engines and SEO trends , SXO for example. This internet referencing strategy gives excellent results under certain conditions: As part of an SEO strategy based on content production, make sure you have a website that is optimized for search engines.

Before embarking on an SEO strategy, do not hesitate to carry out a technical audit of your website. The efforts in terms of content production and positioning monitoring must be constant over time and over a period of at least 12 months. It is not possible to correctly reference websites created with solutions such as WIX, e-monsite, 1 & 1, etc. Also avoid Premium themes purchased from theme banks. We recommend the use of the WordPress CMS with a tailor-made theme. Does SEO Really Work? Yes, it works!

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