But you can get people to your site and show them problem there. The best place for that is the homepage. The best keyword are brand keywords. Solution Jordan Phone Number awareness is best addressed by the guides and Microsites we covered in this chapter. Focus on queries Jordan Phone Number that revolve around questions (“how to…?”, “what…?”, “when”, “can you…?”). Screenshot showing google search recommendations For solution comparison, consumers use “vs” queries (“product x vs. product y”).

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Notice that you can compare both, products and brands and you should create content for both. Screenshot showing google search suggestions Even when users Jordan Phone Number make a decision to buy, they still look for the best offer. Commonly used keyword modifiers Jordan Phone Number are “best”, “cheap” or “cheapest”, “fast” or “fastest”, “simple”, etc. (example: “cheapest [product]”). Tweak your content for these searches, especially your meta-titles and H-tags.

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Screenshot showing google search Jordan Phone Number suggestions Once the product is bought. People have questions about its implementation or usage (for our example: “how to clean dyson vacuum cleaner”). Screenshot showing google search recommendations The best Jordan Phone Number example for implementation content is probably assembling Ikea furniture. Screenshot showing a page on Jordan Phone Number ikea.com Questions about product usage should get their own keyword research and be addressed in the FAQ on the product page.

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