19 3 – On this page, specify the title of your project and save (you can also send your application icon directly via the “Icon” field) Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 09.15.07 4 – Configure the project for Android, click on Configure at the bottom left Colombia Phone Numbers List of the menu (circled in red on the image below) Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 16.16.48 5 – Configure the project for Android, click on the “Configure” button in the Android line Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 11.15.27 6 – A window opens, fill in the API Key and the GCM sender ID. To do this, you need to create a Firebase project , you can follow this tutorial: Creating a Firebase project Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 12.15.03 API Key: corresponds to the “server key” of your firebase project (framed in red).

You must copy the GCM Sender ID content: corresponds to the sender ID (framed in blue). I’m Emilie, I work for the Squirrel mobile development studio . I am responsible for the commercial and marketing part of the company. I therefore often come into contact with our potential clients. Creating a mobile application is a question we often discuss. Some consider the development of an application as a positive fact and others frankly do not see the usefulness and do not lack eccentric arguments. However, we must be nuanced, and admit that in some cases, the mobile application is of no use. Here is for you a little top of the received ideas and false brakes that I concocted with love!

Colombia Phone Numbers List

Configure The Account: In “Mobile Application”

cat ” What ? ” Summary “I don’t need it, I’m already on Facebook” “No need, my activity is not digital” “It is super expensive! ” “I already have a website, it’s no use! ” “Mobile applications are a fad, it will pass” “My competitors do not have a mobile application” “A mobile application will not bring me anything” “I don’t need it, I’m already on Facebook” Misfortune ! This one she comes back very often! Facebook having become essential, many say to themselves that to be digitized, all you have to do is create a page on the social network and voila! Magic! We would really like it to be that simple, unfortunately it is not! In some cases this may indeed be sufficient, but it is still very rare.

“No need, my activity is not digital” Here is exactly what the taxi drivers were saying a few years ago! Then UBER came along and literally transformed this professional landscape. The truth is that few branches today resist the mutation which is taking place. Sector by sector everything is changing. The SNCF saw itself taking market share by BLABLACAR, fortunately only last year it was able to do well thanks to a strategy inspired directly by these same start-ups. Incredible ! (OuiBus explosion) There are many similar examples. There is no activity that does not deserve to be digitized, even the funniest are. “It is super expensive! ” We will not tell you the opposite, which says change often means costs and investments.

Fill In The 3 Fields Finally, To Finish, Click On “Get A Tracking Id” At The Bottom Of The Page

It is useful to surround yourself well and of course calculate the return on investment that your action will generate. It is also very important in an ultra competitive market to compare the offers that the providers will make to you. To look at the opinions that these professionals have, so many avenues that will allow you to anticipate, plan to better take action. I wrote an article about the costs of developing a mobile application in Reunion, you will find it here How much does the development of a mobile application cost in Reunion? “I already have a website, it’s no use! ” Same rant as with the Facebook page if not a little more nuanced.

Yes, a website is very good, it is even more than sufficient for some companies. If you are a bodybuilder for example, and your showcase site is only used to present your activities and you have enough customers, then yes indeed, you can be satisfied with it. The best is to refer to the figures, because they are the ones who give us the means to think in a pragmatic way. In addition, this could not be better because the Alexa tool released a few days ago an assessment of the use of digital in Reunion. So here is some local official data for you that may lead you to think about it: Out of a total population of 879,000 people, 480,000 people are internet users and 100% of these people consume social networks.

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