Finally, do not forget to provide an amount of 80 € / year for the use of the IOS service and a single payment of 20 € for Android applications. Have you ever wondered how to install an app that is not available on Google Play ? Are you Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List unfamiliar with terms like ” APK “? We explain everything in this article: how to install an APK on your Android devices . Summary (Summary version) How to install an APK file on my device? An APK ?! Why download an APK? How to install an APK file on my device? STEP 1 2ND STEP STEP 3 (Summary version) How to install an APK file on my device? 1: First of all, you will need to open the “ settings ”, and then find the “ Security ” tab .

In case you can’t find this tab, you can also search for it in settings. 2: Then turn on the unknown sources . 3: Then, open your Explorer / File Manager , then find your APK. This will usually be found in your recent downloads. 4: Launch the file you just installed and follow the instructions given. 4 (bis): Finally, if you want to keep a minimum of security, it is necessary to deactivate the unknown sources after the manipulation. An APK ?! This is a package where you can find files that allow you to install an application on your phone. Why download an APK? If the safest apps are on Google Play, why should we install APKs for apps? Several reasons can be put forward. Indeed, stores such as Google Play and Apple Store meet security standards.

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In Conclusion, Offering A Mobile Application

As a result, an airtight net is deployed to maximize user safety when installing applications. However, here is a list of reasons why you should not go through the store. Beta program: betas are less and less present outside traditional stores to avoid scams. Geographic restrictions: let’s be honest! The fact that certain applications are not available in a certain geographical space can be restrictive for the users. (We say hello to our French-speaking readers from Overseas who know this frustration.) Centralization of data? It is true that some people are concerned about their privacy. It is therefore normal to offer alternatives to Google services.

How to install an APK file on my device? STEP 1 Before installing your APK file, it is necessary to authorize the installation from unknown sources. Activating this feature allows your smartphone to accept the installation of applications that are not present on the Google Play Store. To access unknown sources, you need to go to open settings, open the security tab and tap on unknown sources. Parameter menu “Security” tab installation of unknown applications Authorization from this source 2ND STEP Proceed to step 3, if you have already downloaded your APK and are sure it is from a trusted source. If this is not the case, this step is a reminder of the best practices to adopt during any downloads.

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Indeed, it is important that you are able to gauge the level of confidence of the various sites which offer APKs. However, one of the most highlighted criteria during the selection, is the choice of the platform on which you will choose your APK. Indeed, platforms such as APKMirror or APKPure are considered by the Android community to be safe for downloading APK files. You can also use services such as VirusTotal or Nvisio APK Scan to detect all kinds of viruses or malware within a file. STEP 3 After downloading the application, you can find it in your explorer or file manager, in the Download tab. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

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