In any case, it is above all a profession for the curious and passionate.  An SEO consultant can work in 3 different environments: A web agency, an SEO agency or a referencing agency for different clients, very small businesses, SMEs, large groups, On his behalf as a self-employed person (freelance), With an advertiser, usually a large group (in-house). How much does an SEO consultant earn? The referencing professions do not escape certain discrimination between men and women on the salary side. Men are 34% to earn between 26 K and 36 K gross per year against 31% for women. 50% of women earn less than 25 K gross per year against 32% of men.

Salaries increase over the years, from 10 years of professional experience salaries can exceed 60 K € gross per year for SEO experts. salary Faroe Islands Email List consultant seo france 2015Infographic produced by SEO Camp as part of its 2015 study on the profile of web SEOs in France. DOWNLOAD THE FULL INFOGRAPHIC To conclude, the activity of SEO consultant is one of the rare specialized professions open to all, where professional skills and experience take precedence over the diploma. If you are passionate about SEO and if self-training does not scare you, go for it! The direct consequence of securing the web will be a drastic reduction in data theft.

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Where do SEO consultants work?

This is ultimately the primary purpose of the HTTPS protocol and the main motivation for securing a website. Last point, it is better to anticipate the installation of an SSL certificate on your site to avoid an emergency migration . Since January 01, 2017, Google has been reporting unsecured sites through Google Chrome. For those who have not yet taken the plunge, as a web agency , we recommend that you install an SSL certificate . google search result website redesign -anthedesignCapture of Google search results on keyword website redesign In practice, a company that needs to overhaul its website will: Enter your need by typing, for example, the query “website redesign” on Google, make contacts with this agency in the top results of Google.

This SEO work, reinforced by communication on social networks, has made it possible to increase the traffic on the website over time, resulting in increasingly frequent requests for quotes. These results are also visible on a daily basis via the audience analysis on Google Analytics , the audience analysis is supplemented by regular positioning audits. Google natural referencing 6Audience of the AntheDesign website: Analytics capture for the month of November 2020 After a few years we have something to smile about, be motivated and keep the enthusiasm to continue the referencing of our site and support our clients in their natural referencing strategy.Massive link building from “partner sites” is ineffective at best and punishable by Google Penguin at worst .

The implementation of link baiting is relatively simple

Le backlink social At the technical level, a link from a social network is marked as ” nofollow “. This means that it is not “taken into account” by Google in its calculation of inbound links. This does not exclude the indexing of shared Urls in search engines. For example, when you share a link on Google+, that link will be read and indexed by Google. Another beneficial effect: sharing a web page with quality content on social networks often allows you to obtain some natural backlinks from blogs, forums, etc. Link fishing with link baiting This is by far the preferred netlinking strategy. The Link baiting or bait links involves capturing external links naturally, without asking creation.

It is enough to produce interesting content, to promote it and to monitor the creation of natural links. This is the netlinking technique recommended by Google. Buying an expired domain name Depending on your strategic SEO choices, buying an expired domain name may be an attractive option under certain conditions. For example, be careful not to buy a domain penalized by Google . Sites like offer expired domains for sale. You will find areas there at all prices and in all themes. Beyond the price, they provide the following information: availability (immediate or not) , the date the domain was added, the age of the domain, son Google PageRank.

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