When the Sumo Leadership Team get together they work on some big ideas. In this article I’m going to show you something they came up with called the “Rules of Lithuania Phone Number Engagement.” These aren’t “rules” per se, but more guidelines for how everyone at Sumo can all Lithuania Phone Number interact and work with each other respectfully. Everyone on the Sumo team reviews them, Lithuania Phone Number practices them, and encourages others to. Take a read and see if you can come up with Rules of Engagement for your own business.

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CHALLENGE PREVAILING THOUGHT Never take, “this is the way we’ve always done things”. As the standard ALL PROBLEMS PRESENTED WITH Lithuania Phone Number SOLUTIONS Always come with solutions or ask. For help to problems instead of complaining Lithuania Phone Number NO “MIDDLEMEN” When appropriate. Go directly to the person you need to speak with MANAGE UP Let your manager know what’s happening instead of waiting for them to come to you TALK IT OUT If you’re frustrated go talk to your manager. Don’t complain to

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your peers SPEAK UP IN MEETINGS, Lithuania Phone Number NOT AFTER Discuss and debate issues in meetings. And once a decision is made buy-in and support it BE ON TIME Meetings start and end at the specified times. Don’t be late or run over MEETINGS ALWAYS HAVE AN Lithuania Phone Number AGENDA Do not schedule a meeting without. An agenda ALWAYS BOOK CONFERENCE ROOMS Lithuania Phone Number If you reserved a conference room for a meeting it’s okay. To ask others to leave CHECK CALENDARS BEFORE SCHEDULING Always check the

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