With the advent of modern technology , various marketing channels such as online advertising and social media have emerged. Little is known about how closely these channels are intertwined. They play the same game and aim for the same goal: a better return on investment (roi). Two of these platforms, email marketing and search engine optimization (seo), are closer than you might think. This guide will enlighten you on the important relationship between the two.email marketing: the most tested form of customer engagementif you don’t know your marketing channels, email marketing is a strategy designed to reach, attract, acquire and retain customers through emails that contain different types of promotions. Email marketing may be one of the oldest methods of connecting with customers in the internet age.

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Like all digital marketing campaigns, marketing via email has evolved over the years to adapt to the changes brought about by modern technology. There are more ideas now than ever before. In fact, the uk dma’s 2015 national client email report shows that almost one in five client businesses have an roi of more than £70 for every £1 spent.seo: the key to increasing brand exposurenow that you have a basic and adequate understanding of email marketing, it’s time to explore seo. A good seo campaign will result in a web page ranking higher than the competition on search engine results pages (serps). Search engine optimization covers everything involved in getting a coveted web page. This includes search engines crawling websites and indexing individual pages into massive databases.


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SEO has two main parts: on-site optimization and off-site optimization. The former requires improving your site’s layout, content, performance, keyword structure, and other related aspects. The latter requires publishing content on external sites to promote inbound links to your site. Content Champion of all social media channels. There is one fundamental principle that governs all successful email marketing and SEO campaigns. This principle is what all successful businesses have in common: strong content. Don’t frown just yet – powerful content may already sound cliché, but its meaning is just as important as ever. For example, an email with lots of interesting graphics (photos, videos, infographics) will still end up in the trash if it doesn’t have good content to accompany it.

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