More, and you have to be okay with asking people to try something new (as in using either a powder or a tablet instead of a paste or gel.) Lindsay says “commercial toothpaste is like fast food.” Fast food is cheap, chock full of weird preservatives and ingredients that may or may not be good for you but, yeah – it’s food. It will fill you up, and the FDA deems it safe, but just because it’s “safe” doesn’t mean you should eat it every single day. Commercial toothpaste is the same.

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It has a bunch of questionable ingredients, it’s not sustainably made in any way, and sure, it cleans your teeth. But it’s not actually good for you. When Lindsay had all Uruguay Phone Number these realizations, she started researching her own organic non-paste toothpaste product which wouldn’t. Explode in her travel luggage like this: Picture showing a woman holding a plastic bag 2. RESEARCH YOUR PRODUCT IDEA Lindsay had no idea how to make a toothpaste product, so she did three things

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Watched cosmetic chemistry videos on YouTube. Went on Reddit and found a post with a list of open source cosmetic chemistry classes she could take from MIT. University of Arizona and other universities Screenshot showing a reddit post Lindsay couldn’t find full university courses to take for free. But she could find open source chemistry coursework and videos on this Reddit thread and YouTube from a variety of universities at no cost to her. Went to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to look up dental studies and patents to see what other people have done to find a solution.

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