Since these fans have already developed a certain level of trust in their influencer, this method has proven to be very effective. You can also include links in the content: users can then order directly on site with the WeChat Mini program or in the WeChat store . With just a few clicks, customers can make an express purchase, maximizing the effects of impulse buying. A good example is the partnership between Mr. Bags and Farfetch: the WeChat Mini program called with Farfetch” . Linked to this KOL’s official account, this marketing campaign allowed Mr. Bags to feature items he liked on his personal wishlist and provided users with direct access to purchase them without leaving his profile.

WeChat has revolutionized Chinese social media marketing in an elegant and controllable way by bringing together brands, influencers, friends and consumers, without being too pushy. However, questions arise Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List about this network. The Gartner L2 study published in 2018 shows that only 4% of posts by fashion brands and 3% of watch and jewelry brands receive more than 60,000 views on WeChat. As a result, some marketers may have questioned the selling power of this platform. Such numbers make sense because WeChat is first and foremost a platform for communicating with friends and family, unlike Twitter or Instagram. Users don’t expect aggressive branded ads or content.

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With The Huge Increase In The Demand For Personalization

For this reason, on WeChat, we suggest brands to cooperate with KOLs . This is currently the most effective method to market on this particular network. Also, this app works extremely well for customer service. For example, users can easily enter into a dialogue with brands, make an appointment to buy or repair products, check their membership status, get product information and answers to their questions, etc. List of the best WeChat campaigns of luxury brands. Michael Kors has launched a membership program to combine offline and online experiences.

While shopping in-store, consumers can check every detail of the product in real time, review their shopping experience, and access after-sales benefits. On WeChat Mini, Chamet organized a VR exhibition to showcase its jewelry in the sumptuous setting of the Forbidden City and offer the public an unforgettable immersive experience. Guerlain and Sunrise Duty-Free have gone even further: they have created a gamification application where users are encouraged to play and win prizes. This campaign has produced excellent results. Within 10 days of launch, it generated over 18,500 pageviews and attracted 10,000 users.

The Importance That Customization Has Taken In Retail , Its Use Has Conquered The B2c Industry.

Weibo: the preferred network of brands Source: Estée Lauder advertisement on Weibo Weibo (microblogging in Chinese) is one of the first Chinese social networks. It was founded by Sina in 2009 in the wake of Twitter’s success. In March 2019, Jing Daily reported that Weibo had reached over 200 million daily users and 462 million monthly active users in the fourth quarter of 2018. To attract even more users, Weibo recently extended the character limit to 2,000, added an online gaming hub, and morphed into a hybrid of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and Youtube .

More than half of the Chinese population uses Weibo , including celebrities, artists, businessmen, athletes, and representatives of governments and organizations. The platform also has a large number of international accounts in politics, entertainment, sports and business such as those of David Cameron, Justin Trudeau, Cristiano Ronaldo, Katy Perry etc. For brands, several key features make the shopping experience smoother . For example, this platform allows integration with Taobao and Tmall which redirects users to the corresponding e-commerce page with one click. Here is a list of best practices adopted by marketers: Influence campaigns: Key opinion leaders are paid to implicitly or explicitly promote a certain product and establish a link with Tmall / Taobao.


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