Ensuring that every division is healthy and profitable, brands no longer put all of their eggs in one basket. That way, when one of them passes out, the ship can still go through other channels to stay afloat. Focus on direct-to-consumer (DTC) platforms and digital technologies to deliver a personalized experience The popularity of luxury shopping online is unmistakable: baskets have increased in value and number, contributing to 39% of the overall growth in luxury sales . It’s hard to talk about e-commerce without mentioning China which has played a leading role in transforming retailing.

With steadily increasing online consumption and 64% e-commerce adoption among Chinese consumers , the Chinese online retail market Macedonia WhatsApp Number List has 650 million users and has been valued at $ 1.5 trillion : more than the 10 other major markets combined ! Direct-to-consumer platforms have proven to be very effective for brands and consumers. While for years traditional houses have underestimated the potential of e-commerce, success stories from high-end, digital-only brands like Reformation and GIA have shown us otherwise. This is why today, even the biggest names must invest in DTC platforms.

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The advantages of DTC are undeniable: obtaining information on consumer behavior and purchasing habits; better controlled transmission of marketing messages to consumers; reduced costs on physical stores, third party commissions and storage; access to audiences around the world; cross-selling and upselling opportunities; high level of customization. Consumers need a tailored shopping experience and personalized products tailored to their individual tastes . Brands like Guerlain have doubled their conversions by offering beauty enthusiasts the opportunity to design their own lipstick on its DTC channels.

The 3D configurator designed by Hapticmedia allows makeup fans to actually see what the product will look like before ordering it. Source: Guerlain 3D lipstick configurator in cooperation with Hapticmedia The new shopping experience: fewer direct contacts and more digital tools Scientists say that over the next few months or years we will have to learn to live with COVID-19, not to mention new crises to come. Direct human interactions will be limited. Companies must deploy digital tools to communicate and engage with their customers.

A Popular Tool In Luxury Marketing To Offer Perfect Personalization To High-end Customers .

Advanced technologies like chatbots , artificial intelligence and big data have become extremely popular, not only for handling inquiries and complaints but also for providing proactive product recommendations and suggestions. But we can do more: virtual dressing rooms, 3D product setup , fitting technology , live streaming, immersive reality, large-scale personalization. These technologies now offer new opportunities for e-commerce as they allow consumers to find the products that best suit their tastes and requirements.

Companies must put in place a crisis management strategy For years scientists and powerful business leaders like Bill Gates have warned us after Ebola that we must be ready for the next outbreak . COVID-19 took the world by surprise and revealed that no one was prepared. No one anticipated a scenario where we would be confined to our homes with complete closure of shops, restaurants and theaters, national borders and airports. Yet it did and now we know it can happen again. This is why we understand that companies need to seriously update their crisis management strategy to avoid huge losses in the future.

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