Good content writing using strong SEO is the backbone of a successful marketing strategy. But how can you keep it fresh when the subject matter is particularly narrow? Any content marketer will tell you how important it is to produce great optimized content.  However, what happens when the topic the writer is covering is not merely dry, but extremely niche? Many a content writer has grim tales to tell of the types of niche clients they have to write for. One tale is of a wordsmith who had to write an 800-word article on the interior structure of used printer ink cartridges – and that’s a true story. Of course, that is an extreme example, but there is no doubt that while some writers will enjoy writing about topics where there is a wide array of exciting things to discuss or a constant stream of new events and developments to cover,

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How can you widen the subject matter? The answer is to get creative with content, something the writer and their client should be able to discuss: Varying the kind of content may help: Instead of a stream of 500-word blogs, for example, maybe include some shorter or longer pieces. Widening the subject matter may make sense. In the above case of the Bulgaria Phone Number ink cartridges, the client specialized in recycling cartridges for re-use. In this case, blogging about the wider topic of recycling would help provide more material. It is always worth both the writer and client thinking about the impact on readers of content on niche subjects. The article might meet a range of standard optimization requirements: It could have lots of good keywords,

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with each article looking far too much like a re-write of the others because there is nothing new to say, readers will soon get as bored as the writer who is tasked with churning out the same kind of content every week. This is something to be avoided because of what marketers call the ‘rule of seven’. This dictum recognizes that the average consumer needs to encounter a marketing message seven times before they make a buying decision. Maintaining their interest is therefore crucial to converting interest and awareness into a lead and, ultimately, new custom. What can a better customer focus achieve? Another way of adding some sparkle and interest to articles is to place the emphasis on the customer. This is an important element of marketing in any case.


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