The 5 senses & Spa Created in 2013 in Saint-Denis, Cinq Sens & Spa provides services in relaxation, aesthetics and hairdressing. Products, boxes and gift certificates are sold on the site. Unclassified Cashconverters Cashconverters buys used products from individuals with immediate payment to resell with a guarantee. They offer 17 product families guaranteeing a varied offer all year Saudi Arabia Phone Number List round. E-commerce sites are gradually establishing themselves in Reunion, for both large and small businesses, regardless of the sector of activity. But getting started is sometimes complicated. Fortunately, digital professionals are present on the island and help professionals develop their activity on the web. The SQUIRREL team is there to support you in creating your website.

We also offer digital marketing support to promote your site. Need more information ? Please do not hesitate to contact us . The natural way to restore a MariaDB or MySQL database is to go through an SQL file, from mysqldump for example. However, it is possible that you do not have this file and that is a problem. So, you are forced to restore a database having only the physical database files. These files can come for example from a flat backup of your server. How to restore the database from these files? The procedure is not that simple but if you follow this guide you will be able to recreate the database without much difficulty. This guide explains the process for recovering data. Before getting started, the prerequisite is to know the structure of your base.


At The Top Right, You Can Select The Period For Which You Want To See The Numbers.

The data is stored in FRM files. Step 1: install the MySQL or MariaDB engine on the new server or locally. First of all, the engine installed must be exactly the same version as the engine from which the IBD and FRM files originated. This aspect is vital for the success of this process. If the version does not match, the procedure will not work. Step 2 : Manually recreate the tables with their structure Step 3 : for each table, run the following SQL command: ALTER TABLE <table> DISCARD TABLESPACE ; developer who codes Step 4 : replace the <table.frm> file with the one from your backup Step 5 : run the following query: ALTER TABLE <table> IMPORT TABLESPACE .

Step 6 : disconnect from your base and reconnect, you will find all your data! For more advice, don’t hesitate to contact a Squirrel expert to help you. The agency offers web and mobile development solutions as well as web marketing support. Whether it is to develop an application or create a website, our professionals will provide you with the solution adapted to your needs. We offer you tailor-made support to make your digital project a success. According to the Reunion Region website , the Digital Check version 2021 is a regional device financed by the ERDF. The latter aims to promote the repair of damage following the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

You Then Have The Number Of New Users Acquired, And The Number Of People Who Uninstalled The Application.

All this in order to prepare for an ecological, digital and resilient recovery of the economy . To find out if you are eligible and how the procedure goes, find all the information in our last article ! Summary Is the digital transition a necessity for Reunion Island companies? The Digital Check, a support for the digital projects of companies in Reunion Island And now, we take action? Do you have a digital project to implement? Is the digital transition a necessity for Reunion Island companies? Digital technology is regularly presented as a sector of the future, at the heart of strategic plans and development projects. It thus appears in the Overseas Blue Book as a tool for opening up and expanding. In 2019, it employs 4,000 people in the private sector and has more than 1,500 companies .

It is organized around an association, Digital Réunion , whose strategy is to make Réunion a major digital hub between Europe and Africa. This dynamism allows it to stand out at the national level by obtaining the French Tech label and to shine internationally. Find all the key figures of the digital sector on our infographic: digital check The Digital Check, a support for the digital projects of companies in Reunion Island The universe of communication and digital marketing is very vast. Thus, the Digital Check allows access to various services and according to your current needs, such as: Audit and development of a web marketing strategy Creation or redesign of showcase or e-commerce website Web and mobile application development Community management Content strategy (blog posts, white paper, infographics, newsletter, etc.).

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