Content marketing has transformed our industry, with B2B brands large and small using it to generate millions of engagements. In fact, by 2016, 88% of all B2B brands were using content marketing. Then something changed. Marketers produced too Brazil Phone Number much. They oversaturated the market. They made it too hard to stand out. But content stopped succeeding for a few other reasons, too. Skimping on research: Often, marketers rushes to get Brazil Phone Number their content out as quickly as possible. For example, in December 2017, more than 40,000 articles were being published about Bitcoin each week, according to Buzzsomo.

The Problem Is That in the Rush Brazil Phone Number

To get content out first, organizations were skimping on research and not delivering anything truly valuable to their audience. Remember, if someone spends their time reading content, it needs to be worth their while. Otherwise they’re unlikely to do so again. Treating distribution as an afterthought: Organizations’ focus on content creation Brazil Phone Number came at the expense of thinking through distribution. Making content is all well and good, but effectively distributing and amplifying it is the key to getting it seen. And there’s no point producing something great if no one’s going to see it.

Brazil Phone Number

Failing to Monitor Performance Brazil Phone Number

Data is at the heart of all good marketing programs. Tracking and monitoring a piece of content reveals what is Brazil Phone Number and isn’t working. Without this insight, there’s no way to gauge performance, improve on what’s not working, and ensure the effectiveness of its delivery. 6 Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Content With that in mind, let’s turn to what can be done to improve content. Here are Brazil Phone Number three steps marketers should already be taking: Know your audience: The first step to creating engaging content is understanding who the audience is and what they want.

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