Get reviews from customers. Once the order has been delivered, they follow up with a simple review request email. Screenshot showing a review page by Chilly. To entice the Colombia Phone Number shopper to leave a review, Chilly’s doesn’t ask them to write a review right away. Instead, they only ask for a rating from one to five stars. Once the shopper has committed to the review by clicking a rating, they ask for a text review. Screenshot showing a review page for Chilly This works well because Chilly’s creates a lower barrier to entry

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For potential reviewers. Instead of asking for a written review right off the bat, they start with a simple one-click rating. This is a great way to increase the number of Colombia Phone Number reviews you receive. Knowing these reviews, good and bad, will be displayed on Chilly’s website also builds up a layer of trust between the customer and business. When asking for reviews, make it as simple as possible for your customer to take the first step and commit to reviewing your product.

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Amazon’s review request email is incredibly simple and focused on exactly one thing. Generating product reviews: Screenshot showing an email by amazon. The subject Colombia Phone Number line starts with a personalized touch by using the customer’s name and immediately identifying the product to review. The main CTA in the email is to rate the recent purchase between one and five stars. Under the customer’s latest purchase, the email also encourages the customer to rate other recent purchases.

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