To function properly, gamification systems must have strong triggers that motivate consumers to participate. This includes awards, prizes, medals or any other form of recognition. Asia: the leader in gamification The fascination Chile WhatsApp Number List with games is not new . It has been mainly associated with arcade games, which are extremely popular in Asian countries like Japan. To launch gamification, it was enough to combine arcade games and shopping by developing mechanisms that encourage players to obtain rewards and receive samples.

In fact, Asian audiences have incorporated gamification into their daily lives in a natural way, including gamification in shopping or even luxury-specific activities. As Jing Daily reports , the public has shown great interest in purchasing Cartier jewelry from WeChat game mini-programs. Here is an example of good practice. In 2018, Chanel promoted its “Coco Game Center” arcade pop-up in fashion capitals such as Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chengdu. The brand encouraged consumers to collect recently released makeup products by playing with a claw machine. The initiative has generated so much enthusiasm that it has generated, in the Chinese market alone, more than 2,900 user-generated notes on Little Red Book. Why use gamification marketing in the luxury industry?

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1. Know the consumers Thanks to its mechanisms, gamification allows brands to collect consumer data in a GDPR-compliant manner and use it for marketing purposes. This is a huge plus in an ecosystem where it is becoming more and more complicated to get the public to share information and to allow brands to communicate with them. Collecting data also ensures that brands can track certain behaviors or demographics and get a clear picture of what their audience values.

2. Reach new audiences and increase awareness Gamification marketing allows brands to reach new audiences and increase awareness , as well as target specific segments , such as Gen Z who grew up in gaming, or young and educated women . In China, for example, video games for women are increasingly popular . Shining Nikki by Tencent, a game in which female users can dress their characters and experience love stories, confirms the game’s success among this demographic. From its first month in app stores, this game recorded 44 million downloads!

Zoom Out, As Well As See The Products From Other Angles In Order To Get A Clear And In-depth View.

3. Refresh your image and increase interactions, engagement and loyalty By using gamification in sales and marketing, brands are building a relationship with consumers that goes beyond just selling. These interactions stimulate engagement, emotions and positive associations that make companies more fun, more attractive and fresher. In addition, a detailed schedule of rewards, challenges and incentives contributes to greater loyalty and greater customer acquisition in the medium and short term. This interactive 3D configurator has tripled Guerlain’s online conversion rates by offering personalization and stimulating engagement.

Learn more about how 3D Product Configurators help improve engagement and conversions here . Case study: how Guerlain paved the way for gamification in luxury marketing. In 2017, as gamification marketing was just beginning to emerge, Guerlain and Sunrise Duty Free, both major players in their respective fields, created a WeChat gamification campaign intended to celebrate the launch of the KissKiss lipstick collection. Matte. To do this, the 2 companies created a game inspired by Tetris in which users could go through different difficulty levels to get 5,000 points and be included in a raffle to win a lipstick. To participate, users had to register their personal information, which gave the brand access to the intelligence of its consumers.

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