While the COVID-19 crisis has had a noticeable impact on overall spending, it looks like the holidays will not be canceled. As Deloitte’s Holidays 2020 survey shows, consumers are resilient and will adapt their shopping behaviors to these new times , with some spending even more money on in-home celebrations. What does this new Belarus WhatsApp Number List Christmas shopping landscape look like? A significant portion of the budget goes to retail. US shoppers will spend an average of $ 1,387 per household this holiday season, down 7% from 2019. What is changing is not just value, but the distribution of the buying budget.

So, as travel spending drops 34%, shoppers in the United States will spend more on non-gift items like home decorations and accessories, in the hopes of brightening up their surroundings with festive elements. Survey respondents also plan to spend an average of $ 487 on presents and gift cards. In Australia, 39% of retailers are forecasting sales growth of + 5% , double last year as players see increased demand. Consumers consider online shopping to be safer than in-store. More than half of Americans feel anxious about in-store shopping, and 68% of retail professionals in Australia said their priorities for the last few weeks of the year were digital, omnichannel, l engagement and customer experience.

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In China, The Market Is Governed By Big Names Like Baidu, Alibaba, Xiaomi.

This is understandable when you take into account that 2020 has seen the explosion of online sales channels and brands have rapidly and widely developed their own direct-to-consumer social media platforms and stores. Retail trends: how to profit Trend # 1: Preference for shopping online Many countries still place restrictions on non-essential businesses and consumers remain cautious when it comes to going out. In such an environment , physical sales are expected to decline. And these lost sales are expected to be offset by growth in e-commerce Tip: Offer faster and healthier delivery, plus additional services like engraving and personalized messages for better conversions.

Generally speaking, retailers need to prepare for higher online spending and adjust their inventory, supply chains and digital marketing techniques to ensure that they will be able to meet consumer expectations. This pandemic that has separated families and communities has awakened a thirst for intimacy and meaningful experiences . This is why, although many purchases will be made online, there is a need to make the digital experience extremely personal in order for consumers to express their appreciation or love for those close to them. Guerlain encourages consumers to personalize products using online engraving.

Smart And Connected Televisions, Speakers, Cleaning Robots, Lights, Thermostats, Security Systems

To do this, brands should consider offering simple personalization services like engraving and personalized messaging to enable the buyer to turn each gift into an engaging and thoughtful experience for both them and the recipient . Engraving is one of the most popular and easy ways to personalize products because it is a technique that works well for all types of materials. It also offers great versatility for customization without too much effort. Trend # 2: window shopping is going virtual As consumers feel uncomfortable shopping in-store and checking out luxury items for themselves, brand and product discovery will take place online.

Platforms that promote immersive shopping experiences will be particularly popular. Source: Very Good. A brand like Très Bien has already set up a virtual storefront experience broadcast on Zoom: employees take users on a virtual tour of the store to enable them to make better decisions. Tip: enrich D2C platforms with 3D product visualization. Providing textual information on materials and sizes is no longer enough. Buyers today need to see what a luxury garment looks like, understand how fabrics behave and visualize their drape. This is why 3D visualization tools are essential. At its best, 3D visualization provides an accurate, detailed and interactive presentation of products .

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