For search engines like Google, maintaining a level of quality in the results offered is an imperative, Google is by far the most active in this area. Google Panda was born in 2011 in the United States to meet this need for quality by tracking down low quality content and fraudulent content. ZEN READING Google panda 4.0Updated April 17, 2019 Panda 4.0 landed on the French web on May 20, 2014 , landing announced by a simple TWEET from Matt Cutts of Google “ Google has launched our updated Panda 4.0 from today .”. Google Panda algorithm version 4.0 is a major update for Panda, but who is Google Panda? panda 4.0  For search engines like Google, maintaining a high level of quality in the results offered is an imperative , Google is by far the most active in this area.

Google Panda was born in 2011 in the United States to meet this need for quality by tracking down low-quality content and fraudulent Palau Email Lists content. The main victims of Panda are farms and content aggregators, price comparison sites, certain forums and more generally all content that is over-optimized for positioning without any real added value. Some website publisher companies have fallen victim to Panda, with soaring traffic losses to the point of shutting down. The site revealed colossal drops of up to 80% traffic loss for some sites like Google Panda 4.0Panda 4.0 is therefore a major update of Google’s algorithm promising to change SEO practices for website editors, the objective of Panda 4.0 is twofold.

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What Is Google Panda?

Penalize the good positioning of poor quality sites obtained by questionable SEO techniques. Promote the natural referencing of sites producing qualitative and relevant content for the Internet user. This double objective of Panda has as a direct consequence a sharp drop in traffic for some sites and a sharp increase for others. google-panda-penguin  Among the sites sanctioned since 2011, we find unsurprisingly the sites that have the following characteristics: Very low content (too little text and multimedia volume to add value to the page) Pages whose content is not written in a natural way (content farms, aggregators, etc.) Duplicate content from the same domain name ( duplicate content ).

A low proportion of inbound links with bad anchors or out of semantic context A surplus of advertising on a page and a very high bounce rate After the switch to Panda 4.0, the figures will confirm the trend of previous versions of Panda, the emphasis on web pages with quality and non-duplicated content and the sanction for the others.panda 4.0-pinguin How to calmly pass the test of the Panda? It’s very simple, you just have to produce quality and apply “white hat SEO” , a clean and healthy SEO while forgetting all the questionable practices allowing to gain places in the ranking of Google.

What Are The Targets Of Panda 4.0?

To obtain a good positioning in the results of Google, it is therefore necessary to produce quality content and favor natural referencing while respecting Google’s recommendations. This is all the more true as Panda is no longer alone, Google Penguin is strengthening it for tracking down “black hat SEO” , in other words, cheating techniques applied to web pages. In conclusion If you regularly update your website with quality content, if your site is 100% accessible, W3C compliant, 100% responsive, ergonomic, coded in html5 and css3 and offering a good experience to your visitor, this article will not does not concern you.

Let’s start with the definition of the word tag applied to the computer world, a tag is a character or a series of characters (data, data) structuring an html page, it is invisible to the Internet user. Continuing with meta, meta is a Greek prefix which in the case of computer data means with and beyond, data about data. meta-wordpress A meta tag is therefore a piece of data containing information that is invisible to visitors to your website (meta tags are, on the other hand, visible in the source code) , it informs indexing robots about the content of a web page by providing a short description of this page for example. A meta tag is likely to be exploited by search engines, web browsers, and more broadly by all indexing tools that analyze your pages to identify various information.


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