Your site will therefore be more likely to be found in the first search results if it offers smooth mobile navigation. In order to optimize your site for navigation via mobile phone or tablet, you must make sure that your content is mobile-friendly. Clearly, you must offer pages optimized for smartphones and tablets. In addition, do not hesitate to adopt a mobile-first approach . It will then be a question of designing a site specially for mobile navigation. In this case, the entire structure of the site is optimized to allow smartphone and tablet users to enjoy a great browsing experience . When you implement such strategies, you can then employ various tips to measure and analyze the improvement in your SEO performance.the 10 key points of SEO Netlinking to boost your SEO Sixth key SEO point Netlinking !

It is essential for the success of the natural referencing of a website. Also called link building or external linking, this strategy consists of increasing the number of backlinks ( back links ) to a website. To rank, Google takes into account the quality Dubai Email List of the sites’ netlinking. Its PageRank tool considers the number of links as well as the authority score of the sites from which the links come. Likewise, the semantic relevance of the links is evaluated . The backlinks quality are the main ingredients of a netlinking strategy. Their choice must then be made with care. A strong link should come from an authority website. As a reminder, an authority site is a site recognized for the relevance of its articles and the reliability of its information.

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These tools make it possible to know the metrics on the average display time of pages.

It is therefore a trustworthy site . Also, an effective backlink must come from a web page whose content has the same theme as the targeted page. The ideal is to get back links from web pages with a certain seniority. Be sure to diversify the sources of backlinks . Create a directory of authority sites with which you will have a partnership so that they insert links on their pages pointing to your site. How to convince them? Thanks to the quality content of your site, of course! Make internal meshing Internal linking is another key point to apply when doing SEO for your site. It consists of linking the pages of the site to each other. To do this, we must use internal links to create a kind of network between pages of the site.

The internal mesh is used to keep the Internet user on the site as long as possible . With a successful link, the reader can easily consult several pages of your site. Internal networking is valued by Google because it makes the site more consistent and makes it easier for indexing robots. The good use of internal links will therefore allow you to gain some places in the ranking of sites on Google.internal seo meshIf you are e-commerce, for example, you can place links to products when you mention them in articles. The same goes for services. Internal linking allows you to reinforce the authority of certain pages and therefore their visibility, while effectively redistributing the SEO juice from the pages to those that interest you. Use 301 redirect Have you redesigned your site? Pages may become inaccessible.


You can avoid the loss of PageRank of your articles by making use of the 301 code. The 301 redirect , also called permanent redirect, is comparable to a change of address. It indicates that the searched content has been moved to another URL . Thanks to the 301 redirect, you will avoid the 404 error . The latter frustrates Internet users, because it indicates that the targeted web address contains no resources. The operation of a 301 redirect is simple. It tells Google’s algorithms that a page has changed URLs . The crawlers register the change and modify the URL of the affected page. Thus, the Internet user who enters the initial address will be automatically redirected to the new web address. The 301 redirect will be useful to you to improve the user experience of Internet users and therefore your SEO .

audit Analyze SEO performance The ninth key SEO point on our list is analyzing your strategy’s performance. Only by analyzing the results of the techniques you have used will you be able to determine their strengths and weaknesses . The performance analysis will allow you to monitor your SEO strategy to adjust it, if necessary. SEO monitoring is essential to increase the visibility of a website. And for good reason, Google’s SEO algorithms are constantly evolving. Analyzing your site’s performance will allow you to detect what is or is not working due to the latest Google rules. To analyze the performance of your SEO strategy, we recommend using Google analysis tools. These include Google Analytics and Google Search Console .

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