Google Trends “Search Trends” is the natural evolution of Google Insights for Search. It is the tool for monitoring and analyzing the trends of keywords entered on Google’s search engines. Google Trends is a wealth of information for advertising and marketing professionals . Knowing the research of Internet users on the web is a real competitive Portuguese Timor Email List advantage for SEO, provided that you constantly adapt. google trends logo Google Trends generates a graphical representation of the search volume on the most popular keywords according to geographic targeting and chosen categories. To achieve this result, Google Trends calculates the number of searches on the keywords typed by Internet users compared to the total number of searches carried out on Google over a given period.

It also makes it possible to track the interest that Internet users have in them over time. Google Trends data is updated daily for data worldwide and in all languages ​​maintained by Google. google trends 2016 What are its main features? Below are some features of Google Trends. These features will give you an idea of ​​the possibilities of this tool for your SEO strategy. Keyword research trends with comparison between keywords with timeline integration, Filtering of trend curves by categories to refine the results, especially for words with several meanings, Related keywords increasing sharply at the moment, List of the most popular related keywords, Filtering of these related keywords by categories, Map of countries, regions and cities where queries are most popular.

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How Does Google Trends Work?

At the display level, this tool performs a scaling to facilitate the interpretation of the results with values ​​calibrated between 0 and 100. The value 100 corresponds to the daily traffic record for a request. When comparing multiple keywords, the specified values ​​are always scaled to index 100 for the most typed keyword. old logo Examples of uses Objective of the research: to know which are the most visited newspaper sites in 2013 and what are the key words typed to get there. Geographic targeting: France Target period: year 2013 Category and subcategory: News and Newspapers Result of the research : search resultGoogle Trends 2013 Another example .

In our activity, web design and development, the volume of research is seasonal, demonstration: Geographic targeting: France Target period: year 2016 Category: web design and development web designGoogle Trends – July 2016 – Web design and development To conclude Google Trends is a powerful tool for finding trends and finding the right keywords. Coupled with the analysis of data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console , you have all the cards in hand to properly position your website !meta tag When designing a website, the information of certain meta tags is important for SEO, they facilitate the indexing and positioning of your web pages.

What Are The Advantages Of The Long Tail?

Take the case of an online sound and video equipment store, here are some examples of “long tail” requests : “81cm LED HDTV 1080p”, “ST60 Panasonic plasma TV”, “127cm Panasonic 3D television” As opposed to words – long tail keys, we will talk about “generic” keywords such as: “plasma television”, “LED television” , etc. The long tail therefore includes all the combinations of keywords that precisely describe the products or services sold on your site. So there are millions or millions of very specific keyword combinations describing your products to form “ the long tail ”. long-tail-referencing What are the advantages of the long tail? The long tail queries are so precise that they are more rarely typed by Internet users on Google.

For example, the query “LED TV” was searched 480 times on Google in July, while a generic keyword like “TV” was searched 12,100 times. On a Google AdWords account , if we add the number of searches generated by all the long tail queries (up to several tens of thousands of keywords), we will realize that it is significantly higher than the number of searches on generic queries (a few hundred words). In a logic of volume, it is better to buy 100 keywords which each generate 10 visits rather than a single keyword which generates 100 visits! The first benefit of the long tail is obvious, is the increase in traffic to your website. long-tail-definition The other advantage concerns the conversion rate, an Internet user performing a precise search in Google is an Internet user engaged in a purchasing process.

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