After the disappearance of the authorship photos disappearance on June 28 in the results of Google Search, a statement by John Mueller of Google Webmaster seals the fate of the Authorship and all its functionalities by outright Mayotte Email Lists announcing its deletion. First observation: If I had known about it, I would not have devoted an article to the subject last week! Second observation: During the recent redesign of the agency’s website, we focused part of the development on the Authorship and all its possibilities, a lot of time invested for nothing…, that’s the game.

The supposed cause of this abrupt stop would be the recent and free use of nicknames for Google Plus profiles, which de facto seriously undermines the credibility of AutorShip. This policy change at the nickname level is linked to the absorption of the thousands of users of the Orkut social network invited to join G with their nicknames. From there to saying that the Authorship is a victim of Google’s acquisition policy, there is only one step … As a direct consequence, no more photos from G profiles will appear on the results pages of Google, the mention of the author will also disappear and the social influence will be correspondingly reduced, it’s a bit as if # Google no longer existed, at least for this function. authorship hugo essique no photo Goodbye Authorship, hello Google PublisherShip!

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Why Use Google Authorship For Your Business Website?

Nature abhors a vacuum, Google too … With the disappearance of Authorship, Google implicitly formalizes Google PublisherShip except last minute turnaround. Google PublisherShip is the equivalent of Authorship only for the My Business page. This amounts to saying that the Google #AuthorShip tandem is clearing the way for the Google My Business Google PublisherShip tandem . By extrapolating, this amounts to shifting the trust and credibility of the individual to the company the brand he represents. Google Publishership anthedesignMyBusiness agency AntheDesign page in Google “Publishership” search results To conclude on the subject Beyond the time lost by many webmasters, web agency , marketers and other colleagues in the profession for the implementation of Authorship , the gain in terms of positioning hoped for by the use of Authorship falls to the water.

Google Authorship is used to authenticate the authorship of content indexed by Google. Once the author is identified, their name becomes visible in Google search results and the content of the article thus gains credibility. ZEN READING why-google-authorshipUpdated April 17, 2019 What is Google Authorship? Google Authorship is a program for associating an author with his articles with his Google Plus profile . To authenticate your articles, you just have to create a link between the content published on a blog or a website and your Google plus account.

What Is Authorship And Why Should You Use It For Your Website?

Originally (in June 2011) , the Authorship resulted in the appearance of detailed information on the author aimed at helping Internet users during specific searches (rich snippet) , following the links present in the results search, we could visualize: The author’s name with a link to his Google Plus profile, The author’s photo (that of the Google profile) , The number of people with the author in their circles, A “more by” link indexing all articles by the same author indexed on Google. That was before the end of June 2014 when Google announced the deletion of the author’s photo as well as its number of circles in the search results. Today there is only the name of the author clickable to his Google Plus page. The reasons for this turnaround on the part of Google are not yet known.

authorship hugo essique no photoShowing the author’s name in search results without the photo The photo display remains present for links to G + when you browse while logged in to your Google Plus profile. hugo essique authorshipShowing the author’s photo in search results while logged in to G + Beyond the credibility of authenticating content by its author and its supposed advantages in terms of SEO , people first trust other people before trusting brands. If the content written by all your collaborators who have become article authors is relevant and of high quality, Internet users will notice and follow them. The benefit of this commitment will allow the content produced to be shared more. It is also an excellent way for a company to promote its expertise through its forces.

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